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Just one of those days, I guess.

Sometimes, going to dinner at Mom's is more entertaining than others. This was one of the less entertaining times. It was just one of those times where we had a bunch of people all together and it made us lonelier instead of the opposite. I just hate it when all these people are supposed to be enjoying each other's company, but everyone's kind of in their own little world. That's kind of how it was today. I guess part of it could be attributed to Mario Party DS, since Sarah found out we brought it and insisted we play it, despite it only being a four-person game. But we wouldn't have played Mario Party at all if they hadn't had the game on. Even if I liked sports, I think I would make it a rule in my family that there are to be no dinner parties on the same nights as sporting events. The dinner table, in my opinion, is for visiting with people, not for something to eat while you're staring at the TV.

Also in my family, I want everyone to play a different instrument so we can have our own miniature family orchestra.

Mafia was after the sports game, of course, and that was good because we were all having a fun time together, but then the one group left and Celeste's boyfriend got there, and we got split again. Mom and Steve have been dying for a couple to play euchre(sp?) with. On the bright side of that, we got Mom to agree to read Fruits Basket on the condition that we play two games of it for each of the first three volumes she reads (we think that by three maybe she'll want to read the rest on her own). On the not-so-bright side of that, Mom would only agree to read Fruits Basket if we agreed to play that card game.

The night ended with Celeste asking me to do something for her for her work and me starting to do it because I like to help people but failing at it, probably because I really didn't want to do it and so didn't put my mind to it, but still feeling like a failure and... yeah. So we're just kinda feeling crummy in general right now. So I think it's time to go watch something happy. Yes. That sounds like a brilliant idea.

Today I'm thankful for wonderful friends who are happy to let us vent to them, the frosting on that Texas sheet cake, not having to play cards or Catchphrase today (our volume one of Fruits Basket is currently being lent out, and we refused to play any cards until the transaction could be completed), the revelation that if we get annual passes when we go to Disneyland after AX we don't have to worry about spending the whole day there so it's okay to take public transportation if we have to, and kitties being happy to see us.
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