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Return of the cosplay bug

Last night, we were just finishing up our yummy Freschetta pizza and getting ready for an evening of Fushigi Yuugi Suzaku Ibun when the phone rang. It was Mom, asking us if we wanted to join them to watch Big Fat Liar, which they were going to do at that very moment. I wasn't sure what to do, because we weren't particularly interested in seeing Big Fat Liar, and we knew that if we joined them, we might not have any time for video games afterward. But if you never accept invitations when they're offered, people stop offering them. Still, I was reluctant, so I said, "Do you want us there?" and Mom said, "You know, I'm offering. I know you want to see this movie." And I'm like, "What!? On what planet did we actively want to see that movie?" but Mom said she'd make brownies, so we went. I don't know why she has such a hard time just saying yes she wants us there, but I guess it's the kind of thing I'd have a hard time saying myself, so it's not necessarily that they don't want us there.

The movie turned out to be alright, too. Not the best movie ever, but at least entertaining enough that it held our interest the whole time and we never thought, "Uunnnngh, when is this movie going to eeeennnnndddd?" And it had Turk from Scrubs in it, so it was all good. And we got brownies!

And on the way home we got to go deposit a check, which was fantastic because it meant two very important things. First, we could now order volume 12 of DN Angel from Kinokuniya. This is the newest volume of DN Angel in almost three years. Three years! And soon, it will be ours. We meant to check the Kinokuniya website every day to see when it came in, which is why one afternoon, we were working on a translation and came across the word oshikorosu. "I remember that word from DN An..." I nearly gave Athena a heart attack when I gasped. And then I rushed over to the Kinokuniya website and it still wasn't there. The next morning, it still wasn't there, and we're like, "Okay, something is definitely up with this." So instead of searching for the title, we searched by the author, and sure enough, apparently it's been so long since DN Angel came out, that now they're inputting it in their system differently. But we found it, and that's the important thing. And! by doing a search on the author, we were reminded of Eden, a series Yukiru Sugisaki did the art for a while back that we forgot about because it wasn't DN Angel. We are not very good fans, I'm afraid.

The other very important thing about depositing a check is that it meant we could now order Dengeki Layers magazine. We got a newsletter from Akadot Retail a few days ago with pictures of all the new stuff they had gotten in, and we tend to just skim it, since we don't really buy magazines and we get most of our manga from Kinokuniya. As we were skimming, one of the magazines caught Athena's eye because it had a picture of two of the guys from Maihitoyo Stage, one of whom was Tenma, with whom we are obsessed (apparently Athena moreso than me *grin*).

That magazine was Dengeki Layers, and it would appear to be a cosplayer's best friend. And oh, is it Shiny. This month's issue is the Haruka 4 edition, with detailed pictures of each of the characters' costumes, and! a pattern for Kazahaya's. A pattern! It's a magazine that has patterns for anime and game costumes! Oh, it's so my best friend. We went to the magazine's home page, and there were pictures of some of their features. They give tips on everything! Like how to make a kimono that's easy to put on, and how to style wigs, and how to do makeup! Oh my goodness, I'm so excited. As soon as we can figure out how to subscribe to this thing, we are there, baby.

The sad thing is that there's no time to use any tips from this magazine to make anything for AX this year. But next year, we Will have new costumes. Man, we haven't had new costumes in three years. Except for Zorn and Thorn, but somehow we don't really count them. Sad for them, though. Maybe it's because we don't have makeup. But this magazine will help with that! Except that it'll say, "Get this color from this brand that only exists in Japan." That won't be so helpful, but we have imaginations. We can make it work.

Oooh, I'm so excited!

Today I'm thankful for finally getting to order a new volume of DN Angel, Dengeki Layers magazine, getting to deposit a check last night, still having time to finish Suzaku Ibun last night (but we're still missing a Tamahome still, sad), and the prospect of shiny new costumes.
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