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One minor detail.

We are such workaholics. Normally, since we just turned in a translation and it's close to quitting time anyway, we'd call it a day. But today is also the day I realize that we only have a week and a half before Anime Expo, and three translations we were hoping to get done before then. This really isn't quite so much to worry about; we bought the laptop for the express purpose of working while we're away, after all. But we also want to be able to take the afternoon off when Haruka 4 gets here. So it's Live Journal, then back to work!

Speaking of Anime Expo, we're still trying to figure out the little detail of how we're going to get there. Last year it worked out because the Amtrak bus took us about three blocks from our hotel in Long Beach. This year, the hotel we're staying at is about two miles away from the Los Angeles train station. We tried asking our anime buddy if she wanted to go with us (and drive; we'd pay for gas, of course), but she has class. We tried asking Celeste if she wanted to go down and visit her friends in LA, but she has class. She offered to take us after her class, but that would mean arriving in the middle of day one (we want to get there on day zero), so I told her we'd think about it. There's still one person we can ask who has a friend in LA. We haven't asked him yet, because his annual pass for Disneyland will be blocked out for the entire month of July. Of course, with less than two weeks, it might be too late anyway.

So we thought we'd use a taxi to get from the train station to our hotel. The problem with that is we don't know how to use taxis, and thus we are afraid of them. It doesn't help that when I told Mom that our current plan on getting to AX involved a taxi, she said, "Good luck, those are scary." Oy.

There's also a thread at the AX forums for people organizing carpools. Those are a little scary, though, because we don't know anybody there. That's what we get for never posting, I guess. We'd still need to talk to Celeste about coming down and helping us get to Disneyland, but then she can come in the middle of the con, and it won't hurt anybody. And she'd get to go to Disneyland! It's win-win! That doesn't mean she'll like the idea, but we can at least ask. And maybe when we get back, we'll ask somebody to teach us how to drive.

Today I'm thankful for getting another translation turned in, having something for breakfast tomorrow that doesn't require milk, tissue boxes, moving air, and places with good public transportation.
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