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I can feel the brain power coming back...

We finally turned in the translation that we've been working like crazy on. It's good fun stuff, but we were definitely pushing ourselves hard. I was so paranoid about something going wrong before we turned it in. But now it's in, and we're on to new and different things. Well, not technically new things, actually, but definitely different. And fortunately, this manga is low on the text side, so it's working as an excellent cool down. This is especially fortunate, because we looked at our calendar today, and July's looking like it's going to be a very busy month. In Athena's words, "July is trying to kill us." ("Which I say jokingly, because I know July would never want to kill us.")

And so, after getting a lot of pages done today, it's finally time to stop work a little early, and take some time to do more leisurely things. We haven't decided if those leisurely things will be reading manga or playing extra Suzaku Ibun. We got the shipping confirmation on Haruka 4 today, and we want to finish one run-through of Suzaku Ibun before we start it up. I love the Suzaku Seishi to bits, but I've already gone over the overwhelming shiny of newness. We haven't even played through the Reverse/Rebirth half of Chain of Memories, and that's our very favoritest part! Fortunately, we went with standard shipping, so we'll have time.

Then tomorrow we'll use our extra time to do more productive things, like translate non-work stuff (fanletters, Bus Gamer, etc.). I kind of feel like in those movies and video games, when you're swimming through a long tunnel, and there's this one place you can stop and get air before you go back under to swim some more.

Today I'm thankful for getting to stop for air, the legend of the cow, the idea that my ability to be creative will return fairly soon, having time to bake cookies tonight, and people who catch typos before they're made public.
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