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Now I remember why I don't watch dubs.

It's been a long two days. Today we spent a loooooong time working (I only have half an hour before Jeopardy!), and yesterday was yesterday. It wasn't so bad in itself, but there were a couple of things that had me upset, one for no good reason, the other I think was justified.

First, during dinner, Mom revealed her epiphany that we can't take teasing because when Mom poked us as babies Dad would tell her to stop tormenting us, so she'd stop. I said, "But we can take teasing," and Mom, Celeste, and Sarah all looked at us like, "Are you kidding me?" This had me upset because I couldn't think of any examples where we'd recently gotten upset from being teased. And then later we mentioned that we'd brought Kaleido Star (for the heck of it), and when we told everybody what it was about, Scott said in an obviously sarcastic voice, "That sounds inappropriate~" and I registered the words before the tone and shot back, "It's not inappropriate!" D'oh. So then I could see where they were coming from except that I'm still annoyed because if you look at our history with people and their nonacceptance of anime, I think it's completely justified, and also because that hadn't happened in a long time. Ah well.

The second terrible experience came with the watching of Kaleido Star. We've seen it already, so there was no point in watching it by ourselves, but the basketball game was still on, and Kimee seemed interested in the anime, so they all suggested we take her into the other room and watch it with her. She's... wow I really don't know how old she is (we think she just turned nine last October...?), but she could tell how much we didn't want to watch the dub, so she valiantly gave subtitles a shot. Still, they were a little much for her, so, since the game still wasn't over and we were going to watch another episode, she asked if we could watch it in English. I made a little whimpering noise (incidentally, I don't think being a brat is the same as not being able to take teasing), and she said we could watch subtitles anyway, but we had told her that if the subtitles were too much for her, we'd switch over to English. And so we did.

Some dubs really aren't that bad. This, in our opinion, wasn't one of them. I've long been of the opinion that any dub is tolerable if you haven't seen the original, but unfortunately for us, we had. (On a side note, that theory has started to crumble since playing a certain dubbed video game.) We probably would have been able to get over our irritation over the voices (usually it's just a matter of, "But that's not [insert Japanese voice actor]!"), but the dialogue sounded kind of unnatural, and the emotions they gave the characters tended to change their personalities. When Sora was going off to perform as much as she could of the Golden Phoenix, she sounded angry! Sora is not an angry person! And then she's like, "But I haven't given up. Why are you giving up, Ken?" And we're like, "WHAT!?!?!?" Sora would never talk that way to anyone! So we backed it up because we couldn't believe that that line would have been in the original and turned on the subtitles and indeed it wasn't. Where do these English adaptation writers get off changing the characters' personalities!?

And I know it goes both ways in Japan, after seeing Kronk in Japanese, but at least they didn't make him meaner. Sigh. And why is it that the subtitles say "trapeze" but the dub says "the swings"?

Once we'd gotten over our trauma, it was time to watch Cars with everyone. Before the movie started, Steve told us that the Young Women in his ward are having some kind of Disney/Disneyland themed dance, and I guess his friend is in charge, because she was asking him if we'd be willing to dress as Disney characters and wander around like at Disneyland. On the one hand, it could be kinda awesome, but on the other hand, we think it's in July, which isn't enough time after AX for a whole lot, and the costumes would not be provided. Fortunately, Celeste and Sarah are happy being Alice and Wendy, both of whom have easy costumes, but that's pretty much all the easy-costumed characters. Except like, Tarzan, but I don't think they'd want a Tarzan, and I know neither of us would want to play him. Of course, we're also faced with figuring out who each of us would dress as, and for something like this we definitely want to go with looks over favorite characters. I also personally think it would be awesome to have a kigurumi Mickey Mouse, but that won't work for so many reasons. But we didn't have time to discuss anything, because as soon as we decided on characters for Celeste and Sarah, Steve started the movie.

And now I'm just tired.

Today I'm thankful for finally finishing work for today, the ability to read subtitles, people who have enough time on their hands to type up the script to a video game and post it on the internet, cute Disney characters with simple costumes, and the ability to search computer files.
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