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Oh hey, it's Friday the 13th.

When Athena went to get the mail this morning, she discovered that the maintenance guys had left a thing on our doorknob. They had been making the rounds yesterday, replacing everybody's air conditioning filters, and they had to come back because two of the screws holding ours in had gone missing. It was very nice of them, because they waited for several hours, because they always come to our apartment first when they're replacing filters, and they could tell they had woken me up. I don't know if they left the thing on our doorknob after the first or second visit--that's how often we leave our apartment. It's kind of sad now that I think of it, but at least we keep ourselves busy? Or something.

Anyway, the thing they left on the doorknob said, "Maintenance entered your apartment today!" and had a list of potential reasons for that, with the "air conditioning filter"...changing thingie box checked. I don't remember exactly what it said. And that paper was stapled to another paper (more like card) that had a survey on how well they did. It was kind of neat. We always did like the maintenance people in this apartment. At BYU, we had an apartment where anytime we needed something fixed, they would snap, "How'd you break it!?" Okay, maybe it wasn't that bad, but it sure felt that bad. So now, not only does our current maintenance team and management not do that, but they even have a survey to make sure everybody's happy! Unless they have the survey so they can be like, "Oh, this person actually had a pleasant experience with maintenance. We can't have that!" But that would be dumb.

In other news, Mom called today to invite us to dinner on Sunday. I think she's finally figured out that the reason we're not over there as often as Celeste is that we don't go places uninvited. And of course it doesn't help that we don't have a car. The potential problem with this arrangement is that this Sunday happens to also be Father's Day. I don't think it'll be so bad, though, since we've all pretty much gotten to a point where we know and acknowledge how... everybody feels about the current family situation, I guess. The point is, we can all get along. It would be nice to stay home and read manga, though. We just got so much new manga like a week and a half ago, and we haven't been able to read any manga that's not for work since. One of these days, though! One of these days.

Today I'm thankful for maintenance surveys, Saturdays, dramatic pauses, brain power, and finally remembering to preorder Haruka volume 3 from dot-anime.
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