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Vacation's over.

Our research vacation is over and now we're back to work. Finishing these books is slow going so far, but I think it's worth the effort. In the meantime, we're very... driven, I guess is the word, so we haven't really done anything else. We haven't even messed with the shiny new laptop! But that's okay; we'll get to it. We've long been of the opinion that it's better to get your work done first so you can enjoy playing to the fullest.

In other news, FUNimation has some Ouran High School Host Club thing going on at AX this year. We only kind of skimmed the report, but apparently they're going to have cosplayers at their booth or something. This should be a fun exciting thing, but we can be very selfish sometimes. "Possessive" is the term, Athena tells me. "Which is pretty much the same as selfish, but it sounds less bratty," she says. It's been a source of constant frustration to us that we can't claim Host Club as our own, but that's what happens when you're not the creator of a series. Duh.

I'm not sure what it is about Host Club that makes us so possessive, either. Maybe it's that we've liked it for two years but haven't been able to cosplay it yet, even though the Hitachiins are right there as perfect cosplay subjects, and they're like everybody's favorites. That might be part of it, too. In our more angsty moments, sometimes we wonder why we have so few friends if everybody likes twins so much, so we're like, "No! Our twins!" And then we're kind of like the mistresses on TV, that are like, "But you don't understand him the way I do!" to the wife. It's kind of messed up, come to think of it, but I feel exactly the same way about Riku in Kingdom Hearts. It's also kind of ironic with the Hitachiins, too, because our favorite character is totally Tamaki.

And then we don't get to be the translators on it, because Viz got to it first. Athena points out that for our sanity, that's actually probably a good thing, because we've read Host Club, and we can see how text-heavy it is.

Athena's much more articulate about it right now. There's a feeling of wanting to shout our love of Host Club to the world! but no one's listening, kind of thing. Even the people in the ward who watch anime don't talk to us about it. And even the girl we started showing Host Club to started downloading scanslations of it on her own without even asking if we can get together to watch the rest of it (of course, there's a possibility she just doesn't want to impose). So basically I think the problem is when we love a series a lot a lot a lot, we're not satisfied being mere fans. With a lot of the stuff we like, we can get around it because either we translate the manga (some of our favorite things are things we found out about because the manga was offered to us for translation), but with Host Club and Kingdom Hearts, we don't have that quite so much.

Oh well. There's nothing for it but to cosplay and write fan letters. Now if only we can get this translation done.

Today I'm thankful for getting in touch with old friends, new air conditioning filters, video game style guides, the bright side (while FUNimation plays up their dub actors far more than we'd like, they also tend to get directors and people from Japan), and bears.
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