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I was going to make this entry from our shiny new laptop, but we don't have it hooked up to the internet. We could get that taken care of, but I'm just too lazy right now. It is shiny, though.

Anyway, we've been playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney again, as I'm sure everybody knows by now, and I was wondering what it is about Edgeworth that makes him so irresistible. And then we were playing Turnabout Goodbyes, and I realized. There was an episode of the Weekenders where the four friends were invited to their first boy-girl party, and so the guys and the girls were coaching each other on what they look for in the opposite gender. What the girls' liked came down to this: dangerous lost puppies. And that is so Edgeworth. Awwwwwwww♥♥♥♥

Hm, I think that's all I have to talk about today. Except for little random things. The UPS guy came to deliver some books yesterday (including our comp copy of Hockey Club!) and he spotted Mimsy. He told me he has nine cats. I was like, "Wow." And then I realized that I really am not very good at making conversation sometimes. Oh well.

And apparently this is one of those times. Though I guess in this case, it wouldn't be conversation so much as... me-versation? I don't know what that's called except "monologue," but that would be in contrast to "dialogue," so linguistically it doesn't quite match. Athena came up with "diversation," but then explained that that would be more like two people in the same room being on their phones talking to other people. Oh well again.

Today I'm thankful for shiny new laptops, fun with words, The Weekenders, Turnabout Goodbyes (I think that's still my favorite case), and not having to use the shiny new laptop's touchpad all the time.
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