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Matantei Loki Ragnarok songs

We're very distracted about everything right now, because baranoneko got us thinking about Matantei Loki Ragnarok, so of course we had to put in the theme song single we have, because the ending theme "Believe in Heaven" is one of our favorite songs of all time. And then we were thinking about how Loki made us love Takahiro Sakurai, so we had to pull out our CD that had his character singing, and then Believe in Heaven actually came on, so we were listening to Shin-ichiro Miki and being in love with his voice, so we had to pull out the Loki/Yamino CD, and then we got the Mayura/Reiya CD out so it wouldn't feel left out. We don't have the Freyr/Heimdal CD, because the one time we ordered it from CD Japan, it went out of stock or something. I wonder if we can still get it. Then we can rip all of the songs (there are drama and karaoke tracks, too) and make a Matantei Loki Ragnarok album to listen to while we translate. That would be risky, because at least three of the songs are our favorite songs ever, so we might end up singing along too much and not getting any work done, and we'd have to ban them, like with our Disney soundtracks. (With Disney soundtracks, not even instrumentals are safe from singing along.) But we do manage to get work done when we listen to the one Host Club CD that's mostly songs, so...

Incidentally, Loki is played by the same actress who played Hiro in Fruits Basket and Anthy in Utena, a fact I feel the need to point out because I'm listening to Loki's song right now. (I was going to say, "I'm listening to her sing," but it's Loki's song, and Loki's a him.)

I'm trying to think if I had anything other than random Loki ramblings to talk about. I don't think I do, so back to Loki music! We used to listen to Yamino's song "Tea time ni Youkoso (Welcome to Tea time)" after a long day at Mom's, when it was still extremely emotionally draining to go over there. There's a lyric that I can't remember right now because we're listening to a different song that just made it feel like everything was better. We're almost at the song and then I can type up the translation. And here it is! Aww, the whole thing is so sweet. Except we don't drink tea (we can't even drink herbal tea, because we can't handle hot drinks; we can't take the heat! Ah ha ha ha! ha...), but we get the idea. Here's the lyrics! "It's alright. That's right, tomorrow is always there to sparkle brighter than today." Hmm, I think it works better in Japanese. Oh well. It's kind of along the same lines of Annie's Tomorrow, only it's a pretty boy voice singing it to us.

We read an interview or something where they asked all the voice actors something like how they're like their characters, and Miki-san was like, "I don't think I'm like my character (Yamino)," and Shotaro Morikubo (Narugami, or, as I like to call him, Thor) was like, "You're nice like he is!" and Miki-san said, "I'll take you out to drinks later." We read another thing in the manga where the manga artist went to a recording, and she was talking to all the voice actors, and she said, "I'm sorry that all the characters are so crazy," and Takehito Koyasu was like, "Why are you looking at me!?"

Aaah, good times.

Well, that's it for my random Loki babblings. Unless you want to hear about... ah, never mind. Oh there's another thing I remembered that takes less explaining! Romi Park plays Loki's mortal enemy, but in the interview, she talked about how in love she is with Loki. Gooooood times. We need more seiyuu interviewy stuff. That's fun stuff, that is.

Okay, now I'm really done. Today I'm thankful for happy happy Loki music (that sounds kind of wrong somehow... maybe because from what I've heard of Norse mythology Loki is ultra super evil), seiyuu interviewy stuff, not having to wear a dress to the fireside tonight (I really don't know what our problem with skirts is), Yamino, and the brownies we had in church today.
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