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Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

Today is just kind of a weird day. For one thing, it's Tuesday. It feels like it should be Wednesday or Thursday. But that's okay, because it's always better to be earlier than later. It means you have more time to get stuff done, and our schedule's being rearranged like crazy, so that's definitely a good thing.

Right, now I remember how I wanted to start this entry. On Sunday, we were talking about our finances with Mom. She always acts so worried when we talk about the stuff we want to do that costs money that the subject just kind of came up. We're actually doing really well financially, but Mom wanted to make sure we had a savings account, in case manga turns out to be just a trend that goes out of style. Of course we need to get a savings account anyway (that's just logic), but there were several reasons that we're not freaking out about it. First of all, translating is a skill that covers more than just manga, and it happens we're getting more and more experience working on prose. And second of all, manga's not one set of serieses, or even just a genre. It's a whole medium, and expecting it to go out of style is like expecting books to go out of style.

Come to think of it, maybe books are going out of style in favor of TVs and movies, but they are still around. Also come to think of it, manga may be a whole medium, but it's still not really mainstream, so it would be more like fantasy novels going out of style.

But anyway. umadoshi pointed us to this press release about TokyoPop's restructuring, and I thought, "What interesting timing." I guess we should take this as a warning not to be complacent. We're still pretty optimistic about manga in general, though. Whenever we see people talking about the manga they're buying, it's usually from a company that's not TokyoPop, so it might just be that people aren't buying from TokyoPop for whatever reasons. Still, it reminds me of all the problems that anime distributors are having Stateside, and it makes me want to yell at people. I know there's a lot of anime and manga out there, and I know it's expensive, and I know you can download it for free, but for crying out loud, if you want people to keep making it, you have to give them your financial support occasionally, at least. Sometimes I wonder if the people who download but don't buy anime and manga think they're smart for saving so much money. But if they were really smart, they'd realize that it costs money to make this stuff, and if the people who make it don't get any money, the anime and manga have to go away.

So anyway. I don't know how this is going to affect our work, but I will say we would be very happy if people suddenly started buying lots and lots of Nosatsu Junkie and Me & My Brothers. For our peace of mind. Most of the other stuff we're still on is stuff we think is pretty popular, but we really have no idea. Those are just the ones we never ever hear anyone talking about. But we really like them, and they're both originally published by Hana to Yume (same publisher as Fruits Basket and Host Club and Gakuen Alice and various other awesome awesome manga)! In fact, we love the titles we work on so much that one of our biggest concerns is less that we'll have less work and more that we won't get to work on those titles anymore. So check 'em out (even at a library or something)!

Fortunately for us, we have plenty of work with other companies right now, but we feel really bad for everyone who's getting laid off. I hope they don't have much trouble finding work elsewhere. And I hope people keep buying manga, so it doesn't happen everywhere else.

Today I'm thankful for the Tornado sleight in Chain of Memories (it's just too fun), the roofers being almost done with the area above us (or at least above where we work), those honey roasted peanuts we had for snacks, Hana to Yume comics, and the ease of computer word processing.
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