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It's quiet... Too quiet.

Everybody's gone!!!! I wonder what happened to them. You'd think they'd all be online, posting anxiously about the new Harry Potter book or something. Some people can even get theirs three hours before the rest of us!

Maybe the excitement is too much for them, and they've been rendered unable to move or type. Or maybe Voldemort got them! Oh no!!

Or maybe they just have this strange thing called a "socail life"... Mysterious...

Does it not seem obvious to everyone else that it's Voldemort? I mean, he is a half-blood, and a prince, sort of. It could be Harry, though, because we don't know much about the Potter line. I'd assume they made pots though.

Or maybe the fact that they keep asking that question means it's not Voldemort. But it could be like in GetBackers with the Judas thing. I guess we'll see when it comes out. And I have to wait until Athena's done with it, so I'm going to be in dangerous spoiler waters. I don't think I'd be so nervous about it if not for those guys at the Maaya Sakamoto concert going off about Gundam Seed. *sigh*
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