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Productivity trade off

We didn't get quite as much translating done as we would have liked today (but we did get enough done to stop anyway), because we were off doing Things. Yesterday, we told Mom we needed to get to the bank, and she told us that Sarah's been bored out of her mind because she works during school months and those are kind of over. So today she came over and we all went to the bank. And then we all went to FedEx, and then we all went to get ice cream. And then, since the Baskin Robbins we went to happens to share a parking lot with Hancock Fabrics, we decided it would be a good idea to stop by if we want to get any costuming done.

Since Anime Expo is only a month away, we figure trying for more than one (or two, if we can ever find the right color for Ouran jackets) set of costumes would be a Bad Idea. So Ace Attorney costumes it is! For a few reasons. One, we had already kind of been planning on it, and two, the ones we want to do are fairly simple. The problem, though, is that I'm extremely picky about fabric. We found a good pattern to use for Dahlia's dress, so the rest should be pretty easy, since it's white. White is not a difficult color to find. But this fabric's too stiff, that fabric's too heavy, that other one might be a good weight, but it's textured and I think I want smooth. That one's perfect! ...or would be if it wasn't green. It's just a little maddening. But we didn't realize we'd be fabric shopping, so we didn't have any of the other reference material we needed, and we need to go back anyway. So we just bought the pattern and no material. But I'm happy to have the pattern, because dresses are my weakness.

On the way home, we said, "Now we need to get a parasol," and Sarah, good little sister that she is, said, "I guess you're off to Disneyland, then." She knows how we think. Unfortunately, I don't think we have time to go to Disneyland before AX, but you never know. We'll see what happens, anyway.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting to go out for ice cream, having a pattern for Dahlia's dress, waffle cones, it being relatively quiet for them hammering roof bits directly above our heads, and getting our errands done.
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