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I started typing this eight hours ago.

Well, first I figure I ought to link to this post I made yesterday, in case all the Toshihiko Seki fans on our friends list missed it.

I actually remembered I wanted to talk about Larxene a little more. She's an interesting character to me, in that she's very pretty, but she always has her eyebrows turned down in this angry expression that makes her kinda ugly. It reminds me of the quote, I think it was from Audrey Hepburn, that says for beautiful lips speak only kind words, for beautiful hands use them to serve others, etc. etc. Looking at Larxene, even though she's a fictional character, you can kind of see how that's true.

Speaking of Organization XIII, I thought about looking this up myself, but then we figured Chrono Trigger fans would be eager to help out, so that magician guy... was his name Flea? The one that worked for Magus and looks like a girl. Does he use a scythe? We kind of remember him using a scythe, but we might be wrong. Because I think it's fun to look at all the other Square-Enix characters and see if any of them could be Organization XIII Others. Like Elena from the Turks would be Larxene's Other. And we know the name pattern thing, but some of the ones they told us are a little off, like Bleig and Xigbar. So we figure why not go with a completely random name? (Actually, Elena would work if not for the R in Larxene, which, based on the katakana, could just as easily not be there.)

I had another thought about something from Kingdom Hearts II, but I got interrupted as I was typing that last one because Celeste was here to take us to Mom's place for dinner, and now I've completely forgotten it. But it was nice going over there. We watched Home on the Range and then spent a lot of time just talking about stuff, which is something we almost never get to do, and something that we really really need. But we're still very terrible at getting back into the whole "being social" thing, because when we finally dragged ourselves away to get home at eleven, we're like, "Now look at all the time we lost." We were originally planning to watch The Emperor's New Groove in Japanese tonight, and Miyano-kun is hinting about some Corda thing going on, and so we're like, "We need to play more of that so we can get Corda 2." So many video games, so little time.

Tonight I'm thankful for getting to spend time just talking and hanging out, typewriters being less scary than they seem (we had to use one today in the library because the lady who makes programs for one ward's Relief Society accidentally printed the original wrong and was missing the recipe she wanted to print on them), chocolate chips, having a ride to the bank tomorrow, and Celeste having stationery she's willing to give us.
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