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Attention Toshihiko Seki fans!!!

Yo! Okay, so Seki-san is coming to AX this year, and, since he's our favorite seiyuu they've gotten so far, we want to be able to give him something. We also know that one of the favorite things for voice actors to get from fans is letters, so of course that's what we're leaning towards.

And since we know a bunch of the people with us on their friends lists are fans of his, we thought we'd let you all know the plan in case you wanted to join in. Of course this is only if you want to (we won't be offended or think any less of you if you don't--it just means more attention for us). But anyway, if you would like to write a letter or a message or something to Toshihiko Seki, we will be happy to either help you write it in Japanese or translate it for you (if you'd rather write it in English). That is all.

In other news, the roofers are hard at work despite it being Saturday. Maybe because they took Memorial Day off? That kind of defeats the purpose of a holiday... Ah well. And I'm mad at Tower of Druaga this week, but they said a few things that give me hope. Stupid friggin' rassafrackin'...

Anyway, we're still plugging along on Chain of Memories. But first, we took some time out to watch volume 2 of Death Note. You know it's a good series if we get to the end of the disc and are wondering why there aren't any more episodes. Usually by the end of a DVD, our attention spans are ready to move on.

We laughed a lot at Light in this one, because he's a jerk and deserves to fail. The whole thing with Naomi/Shoko was awesome. Except when he really did find out her name. Jerk. When we watched the interview with the English dub voice of L afterwards and he's all like, "There's no clearcut goodguy or villain," we're like, "Hello? Guy killing people for his own vanity? Who do you think is the villain!?" Sheesh, just because a guy's the main character. But then again, we've only seen eight episodes by now, so we still don't know where the authors are going with it, but from all the anime and manga we've seen, I think Light's the villain.

As for Kingdom Hearts, I'm still so impressed with everything. I mean, in the scene where Sora meets Larxene, one of the first things they do is close up on her for a little while, and while the camera's on her, she moves her mouth very slightly into a smirk. And then she says something to provoke him, only she's acting like she's not, but as she stands there in her dramatic pose, her eyes move over to see Sora's reaction. Awesome. And we were super happy to see Riku, even if he's beeeeep beep beep and beep beeeep beep. The emotions you could hear in Sora's and Riku's voices were amazing, too. I love this game. And I love Miyu Irino and Mamoru Miyano♥

And I use the word "and" a lot. Today I'm thankful for conjunctions, being productive today, getting to hear Miyano-kun's Riku voice, seeing more of Death Note (we need to add volume three to our queue!), and getting a bit of exercise.
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