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Wow, what service!

I wasn't sure what I was going to talk about today, but about ten minutes ago we got a phone call. It was the Costa Mesa Kinokuniya. The lady calling said that the copy they had of one of the books we ordered had a bent cover, so would we be willing to wait while the Los Angeles store shipped them a copy without a bent cover. Wow! What amazing service! All because of a bent cover. If anyone from the Costa Mesa area happens to read this, you should totally go buy manga (or other Japanese books or books about Japan) at Kinokuniya, because your Kinokuniya is officially Awesome. (As if I'm some sort of official on Kinokuniyas. Or Awesomeness.)

She waited while I asked Athena, and since we don't really have time to read manga anyway, we figured we could wait. But now I'm worried, because I when I got back to her, I said, "Okay!" Like, "Okay, we'll let you go to extra trouble for us!" I felt like such a jerk. I thanked her a lot though, and I also remember my days working retail at Disneyland and figure she won't remember for very long anyway, even if she did notice. But I'm paranoid. We've had experiences where the slightest mistake has destroyed friendships, so I think we have good reason to be insecure, but it still isn't any fun. This is probably why we hide in our apartment all the time.

Well, that, and everything's so far apart. And we're what we like to call non-social. I was talking about this with Mom, because she called one Friday when we had asked her to take us shopping to ask us if we were going to the YSA barbecue thing that was going on. When we said we weren't planning on it, she said she figured as much, because we're antisocial. But we're not antisocial, because antisocial people make efforts to avoid situations with lots of people. We, on the other hand, merely don't make any efforts to be social. It doesn't seem like that hard a concept, but when I try to explain it, it doesn't seem to make sense. Ah well. The point is, we don't hate being with people, we just never are. And we've gotten pretty good at entertaining ourselves.

Speaking of entertaining ourselves, we decided that, since our birthday was so completely and thoroughly crazy it almost disappeared (it really did, too, those crazy time zones), we're going to do something for the one month anniversary of our birthday, that being today. Or tomorrow. We're not quite sure how that works, since our birthday was on the last day of the month, but people rarely celebrate their birthdays on the actual day anyway. The only problem is we haven't quite figured out what that "something" is, but it most likely involves cookies. And video games, but what doesn't involve video games?

Today I'm thankful for Awesome Kinokuniyas (Costa Mesa is sort of near Anaheim; the reasons for moving there keep increasing), Chips Deluxe cookies with peanut butter cups, a new episode of Tower of Druaga to watch, people who give us rides places, and getting phone calls that aren't just people asking for donations.
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