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Killing time

So we're listening (finally) to our Bus Gamer Sound File CD, and since there aren't that many vocals, we get fidgety if we just sit around listening, so we want to do something else at the same time. We still have some online shopping (we decided we want to read like everything Hana to Yume publishes, but we won't buy nearly that much) and Live Journal, so what do we do? We pick LJ, because somehow that seems like it would be less distracting from the music. Maybe because it doesn't have that many visuals? And it doesn't involve decision making.

Anyway, we haven't been able to see the Bus Gamer anime thanks to our no-downloading policy, so we heard the theme song for the first time, and it made us laugh. I'm terrible at identifying musical genres, but if I'm not wrong, it sounds like it's from a 60's spy movie. Hilarious, and yet somehow fitting. Man, we need to finish translating the new volume one.

Changing the subject completely, last night we had a few minutes to kill before we had to put our laundry in the dryer, so Athena pulled the Maihitoyo Stage DVD out so we could watch Niji again, and it reminded me of one of my favorite things about the show that I forgot to mention on Monday. Namely, watching it tells me that when I made the Eisen and Yasuaki costumes three years ago, I didn't do it completely wrong. (Well, I had a brief heart attack when I noticed how insanely long everybody's sleeves were, but Athena's Yasuaki sleeves are that long, and silk is expensive, so we have a very good excuse for Eisen's sleeves being a little short. Plus he's a priest; he's technically not supposed to be all luxuriant anyway. I'm sure the only reason he has such fancy clothes are that he has a doting brother who also happens to be the emperor, because Eisen's a good priest.)

...this track (Nobody Knows My Name) is very strange.

Anyway. I was especially happy because... of something that will take a bit of explanation. Traditional Japanese clothes sometimes have a habit of only attaching sleeves for a few inches in the back, around the scapula area. Yasuaki's costume does the same thing, and it bothered me no end that we had to pin the sleeves in place in the front so they wouldn't constantly be falling down. But! watching Maihitoyo Stage, I saw that they all pin their sleeves (er, all the ones with sleeves that do that)! Yay! So now I'm a lot less nervous about wearing those costumes around native Japanese people.

Oh right, I never talked about Saiyuki Burial. We watched the third episode on Friday, and it did a much better job of hiding its lack of animation. And this time, since we had the special edition, we got to see the interview with Akira Ishida and Hiroaki Hirata at the end! And we got to hear what they think about the other members of the cast! They said that Hoshi-san is so much like Goku that asking what they think about him is the same as asking what they think about the monkey (which they had just done). They also said that Toshihiko Seki is very scary, because he's always right. He's also the most "onii-san" of the group, apparently, so hopefully, he'll be very nice when he comes to AX. One of these days, we're going to have to watch the special edition Goku episode, so we can see what Hoshi-san has to say about him.

Today I'm thankful for getting some peace and quiet while the roofers work on the other side of the building, live action costume references (though I prefer not to have too many of those; they make me jealous), the adorableness of live-action Shimon, the Bus Gamer Sound File and all its amusingness, and convenience stores.
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