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Our first poll!

Lately we've been shopping around for electronic type thingies, and we keep running into the same problem: there are too many colors. We just can't decide which ones we like best! Sometimes we have an idea, but we're like, "I don't know, maybe this one's better..." even though we know the color doesn't really affect the quality of the product. Still, we thought it would be fun to make a poll about it. Tadah!

What color best suits/represents the Twins?


In other news, poor Oreo has been walking around nervous all day. See, when we left on Thursday to do our things and see Indiana Jones, we discovered two notices on our door. One was to tell all the residents that our complex was "getting a face lift." This had us a little worried for a second, because last time we lived in a building that had work done to it, we ended up having to move. But as it turns out, they're just redoing the roofs. We get to stay in our apartment and we don't have to clean everything out or anything, which is very very nice.

The other notice was to congratulate our building for being the first in the complex to get its face lift. It told us to make sure we didn't have anything valuable out on the balcony, because there's a strong chance something will fall on it and break it. That's not a problem--we don't store anything out there anyway.

The only problem is that now we have guys on our roof, stomping around and hammering things and stuff all through the work day. Oreo hates it of course; he's always hated loud noises. But he didn't flinch a few minutes ago when they were apparently dropping big heavy things on the roof. We're not really annoyed by it, but I think it is having an effect on my ability to concentrate. It's especially fun because we're working on Phoenix Wright manga now, and we have to discuss the lines a lot more than usual as it is, but with the main character being named Wright, it gets hard to distinguish if someone is acknowledging what the other person said or if they're quoting the translation. And, as I said, concentration's at a bit of a low.

We started Chain of Memories (PS2 version) yesterday, but I think I'll talk more about that when it can have more of an entry to itself.

Today I'm thankful for not having to move everything out of our apartment, not having a headache, having room in our schedule to move things around while we wait for books, days when there's not constant hammering on the roof, and lunch breaks for roofers.
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