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Time for an update!

As to what the update is on... that's um... yeah.




Anime! We've been watching a lot of anime, as I have mentioned before. It makes sense, since we have really nothing else to do. The last deadline on our list was for August 8th, and we turned that in yesterday. And we still haven't gotten caught up with the anime we've been watching. Fortunately, most of the new serieses this season aren't really ones that we're dying to see the rest of, so we're getting some slack.

It was getting bad, though. For a while, we were even considering dropping Bleach. We're having a hard time dealing with all the blood they've been splattering recently, and the plot seems to be hiding behind all the fighting. While we were fully confident that it would come back, we weren't sure we had the patience. Athena's question: Why can't he ever get cut up with a straight blade?

But then we saw episode 39 and decided to stick with it. We like the lessons Ichigo learns. And we kind of feel like we can relate with Zangetsu.

It's kind of interesting, because last night on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart interviewed the guy who wrote 100 People who are Ruining America (at least, I think the title was like that), and Mr. Stewart seemed to think the book was a waste because most of the people were cultural icons, who don't really have any power, in his opinion, to affect the people. What he doesn't seem to be considering are the people like me, who don't pay any attention to what's going on in the government, and feel far more affected by TV. And those thoughts seemed related in my head, but now that I've typed them out, I'm not sure how to connect them.

Because! I learn the lessons that Ichigo learns. (Athena points out.) So I learn more from TV. And that's going to affect what I do more than the government does, because I don't feel like I'm being forced to do anything differently with Bush as president than I did with Clinton as president. Because I'm a failure as a citizen and completely uninformed, so I don't know how the government's affecting me.

Anyway. It makes sense to us.
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