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It's the little things.

If you read our Japangst post last week, it probably wouldn't be too hard to imagine that I haven't always been sure that the way we handled our trip to Japan was the right way to do it. Actually, thinking about it, I guess I always did think it was, but... It's hard to explain. Like I knew it was the right thing to do, and something we needed to do, but I was kind of afraid that the shock from it all might have had too negative an effect on me. Or like maybe it didn't have the big impact it should have. Or something.

But last night, we finally got around to listening to the Neo Angelique CD single we bought at the Ikebukuro Animate. We didn't pay enough attention to realize when we bought it that the first pressing came with one of four cards (of each of the main four guys), so we were pleasantly surprised to find one when we finally opened it up. Like I said, we didn't know we'd be getting one, and it was completely random, so even if we had known, we couldn't have chosen which one we wanted. But despite all that, we just happened to get our favorite character (Hyuga, in case anyone's wondering). It's difficult to explain why, but that just testified to me that our trip to Japan really was the right thing for us to do, and that, while nothing big and/or enlightening really seemed to happen, it was important. And now I'm a somewhat less intimidated on remembering it.

Speaking of CDs we bought in Japan, we listened to the soundtrack to Jubilation, the Tokyo Disneyland 25th Anniversary Parade, and realized again how really emotional we get when listening to Disney theme park event music. The Blue Fairy gets one line out at the beginning and I'm crying my eyes out. And then when Minnie started talking! My goodness. And then they start singing (most of the lyrics were in English for some reason; I think the song was written by Americans), "And when you're lost, and all alone, and far from home..." and... something about how you're friends will always be there and you're not alone and everything. Wow. *sniffle* We're suckers for that kind of thing, especially after feeling kind of lost and alone in a far off land. Man.

Aaaanyway. Today I'm very thankful for Hyuga cards, not having fire ants in my eyes (there are some things you just take for granted), getting rain this morning, having a roof over my head (rain is nice, but not that nice), and Neo Angelique CD singles.
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