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Inclement weatherrrrrrrr!!

I don't know if we've really been pushing ourselves or if it just feels like we have because it's so hot. Our desktop weather thingie tells us it's 102 degrees outside. Thank goodness for air conditioning. We have it set to 84 to save energy, but it's still a lot better than 102, and just having air moving around really helps.

But anyway, we were heading for the Lost River Delta. The Lost River Delta is like the South American area of the park, so we guess it's the Amazon River Delta. But it is lost, so it actually probably isn't. Because the Amazon's not lost. But anyway. That's where they have Raging Spirits, the fancy roller coaster with the 360 degree loop. And we're like, "Whoa, we are so not going on that ride."

This is where I apologize because I feel like anyone trying to live vicariously through us may find themselves to be disappointed on several occasions. I mean, we don't eat anything and we refuse to go on all the awesome thrill rides. What is our problem? *grin*

We passed by Raging Spirits, which looked really cool. It had this thing set up kind of like one of those... I don't remember what civilization had them, so I'm just going to say South American pyramids with the steps, and there was water flowing down the steps, and the water was on fire. That's right. The water was on fire. We looked at it and said, "Wow, that's awesome!" took a picture, and moved on to Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull. The wait was about 70 minutes, so, after a bit of deliberating, we decided to get fast passes, and if we decided we wanted to wait in the standby line anyway later (because we couldn't use our fast passes for another three or four hours), we could, but it never hurts to have a fast pass.

So we walked across the long bridge over the river, which I assume was the Lost one, and hitched a ride on the Disneysea Electric Railway. As we sat in the train, we saw a little street show going on in Port Discovery (apparently where the train stop actually was; I guess the Lost River is the border between the Delta and the Port) with a couple of mad scientist looking guys, and a cute little ride that looked like a cross between hovercrafts and bumper cars, only not really bumper cars because they didn't bump anybody, but people were spinning around and apparently getting caught in whirlpools. It looked pretty awesome, so we made a mental note. And then the train whisked us off to the American Waterfront, sort of on the other side of the park.

We checked the map to see if there were any attractions in the area that we wanted to go on. It was mostly just Tower of Terror, so we decided to wander around and see if there was anything we could eat, as it was getting to be about lunch time. There were some interesting looking snack stands, but we got distracted from all of them when we heard the sound of Over the Wave, a show put on outside the giant SS Columbia. Now, in Disneyland California, the Columbia is a sailing ship, used as the pirate ship in Fantasmic!, and occasionally hijacked by pirates when giving its normal tours of the Rivers of America. When I saw the Columbia at Disneysea, I was like, "Whoa, the Columbia's got an upgrade!" It's a big cruise ship! I don't know if it's like a super big cruise ship (I've never seen one in real life); for all I know it could be a normal size one, or even a small one, but it's a few times the size of Disneyland California's Columbia.

But anyway, they were putting on a show. Or rather, Mickey was putting on a cruise. (I guess it was rather a show, since the boat didn't go anywhere.) We heard him introducing the various directors on the cruise (Minnie, Donald, Goofy...), so we wandered over to check it out. After the crew was introduced, they started calling all the passengers on board. Let's see how many I can remember... there was the couple that I can only describe as cheerleadery, the movie star type girl, the rich old couple, the professor, Mary Ann... Okay not really, but they had a Mary Ann type and a professor type. This professor type was a little more afraid of people though. And while all of them were coming aboard, a couple of stowaways walked up the gangplank and hid behind a bunch of barrels.

Now that the cruise was underway, it was time for calisthenics. Donald was in charge of activities, so he led everybody in exercises, but they all snuck away while his back was turned. One of the stowaways was kind enough to tap him on the shoulder and let him know he was alone before hiding again, and then he called them all back. The cheerleadery couple (the guy wearing fake muscles) came up and did a routine, and pulled the old couple up to do some exercise. They were very old and decrepit until their backs gave out, but something happened (I forget what) and there were a couple of loud cracks, and they started break-dancing! Actually I don't think it was break-dancing, but it was something fancy. And then Mary Ann (they all had American names; this wasn't hers, but we don't remember any of them anyway) had a little number about looking for love. I think the Disney characters were trying to nudge the professor in her direction, but I don't remember. And then everybody ran offstage and the announcer came on and said that the show was now canceled due to inclement weather.

Inclement weather. My archnemesis!

Sure enough, it was raining, and the show was outside, so they couldn't really continue it without risking the performers' safety. So instead we went off in search of food and/or shelter. The menu at the Columbia (they use theirs as a restaurant) didn't look very appealing, so we moved on and found ourselves at the Tower of Terror shop. This was most interesting, because they had a bunch of merchandise with some tiki- or totem- or something-looking spirit, that said something about not angering whatever-his-name-was. We really should have paid more attention because we know a lot of people who like the Tower of Terror a lot and I'm actually kind of disappointed in the show in the queue area on that ride, and yet we did not pay more attention. Incidentally, we waited in line with Mom and Steve's family for Tower of Terror in California Adventure once, because we wanted to see how they set up the premise, but we didn't go on the actual ride, because we're pansies. They give people stickers when they get off the ride that say "I took the dare!" and we wanted to get stickers that said "I did not take the dare!"

But anyway, at the time, I thought the way they set up the premise of the ride was kind of weak, so now that we saw that Disneysea seems to have a somewhat different premise, we were curious. But not curious enough to wait almost an hour in line for a ride we thought we might hate. Maybe next time.

But in the giftshop, we bought cookies, because we hadn't found any food yet. We took our cookies and went in search of either place to sit down and eat them or a restaurant so that we could save them for emergency rations. We stepped under an awning to get out of the rain and check the map to see what was around, and realized we were at the New York Deli, where they sold french fries, and we were saved. They also had chocolate mousse, which looked really really good, but it was getting close to time for the Legend of Mythica show, and in case they didn't cancel it, we wanted to make sure we had time to see all of it.

So we headed back toward the Mediterranean Harbor, and got to the water just in time to hear the announcer say that Legend of Mythica had been canceled due to inclement weather. Inclement weatherrrrrr!!! *shakes fist*

So we looked around the Mediterranean Harbor shops for a while. The Mediterranean Harbor is the intro land (or sea) to Disneysea, and Athena remembers noticing how close we were to the park's entrance/exit, and being like, "No! We're too close to the exit! It can't be over yet! Noooo! Don't suck us out of the park!!!" (She didn't actually think that at the time, but it still made her nervous.)

After a while, the rain let up enough for them to start taking the Venetian gondolas out again, so we got in line. (As the translators of Aqua, a prequel to Aria, a series about gondoliers, we couldn't in good conscience not take a Venetian gondola ride.) And this was the Best Queue Area Ever, because when you get close enough to the front, everybody gets to sit down! Yay!!! So we sat in line, which was awesome. And then we got on the ride. It was a little bit like the Jungle Cruise, only with a little less to see, because they take you out into the harbor, where it's mostly just water. The tour guide starts out by saying, "Now we're in Italy. I know, that was fast." He introduces his partner, the one in the back of the boat, who, he points out, is doing one hundred percent of the rowing, despite both of them have oars. The really interesting thing about this is that when we were riding around, we passed by another gondola that had a woman cast member in the back doing the rowing. Girl power! Or something.

I don't remember most of what the tour guide said, but he did sing that song that you always think of when you think of Venetian gondolas. It was awesome. He had everybody say buonasera, which is an Italian greeting that, after looking up, we discovered means "good evening." It was still before three o'clock, though. I don't know if he pointed this out, though, because my brain was still having a hard time processing conversational Japanese. And he made us say "ciao" when we passed by another gondola. And when we got back he and his partner said "arrivederci" to everyone getting off the boats. They even had a sign where it was written out, but I was sad because I couldn't say it anyway. I figured it was because I was still having a hard time with languages, but now I realize it's just really hard to say.

After our gondola ride, we walked along the harbor, through the American Waterfront, and back to Port Discovery. It was a long walk, but it was pretty, and the rain had cooled everything nicely. Also, we find it a good idea to sometimes just walk through Disney parks to get a better idea of the layout.

Finally we were able to go on Aquatopia--those hovercraft thingies we saw earlier. I think it was the forerunner to Winnie the Pooh's Hunny Hunt. It might have been its offspring. I think Hunny Hunt was a little more advanced, but on this one the courses seem to be more random. There's only one area (kind of like bumper cars only bigger, and with no roof). You follow a path, but it's different from the path everybody else around you is following. Some people went under waterfalls and stuff. They make it look like you're hovering on water, but if you look down, you can see that there's ground like an inch under you. We kept getting caught in whirlpools. It was fun.

And then we got in line for Storm Rider. This is one we think they have at Disney World or one of its fellow Florida parks, but since I'm too lazy to look it up, we don't know for sure. For this ride, they actually stopped some of the fast pass people and pushed them back to let the standby people through, and we were like, "Whoa, they actually do that here?" But when we got to the place where it happened, it was really just a traffic issue. Ah well.

Also in line, we saw a guy we think we see at AX at the Meet the Guests Reception who comes from Mexico or somewhere every year. But he didn't see us and we're shy, so we'll never know for sure. Unless we see him at AX and say, "Hey, were you at Disneysea last May?"

Before they let you on the ride, they have a cast member explain what exactly you're getting into. This time her Japanese was more like performance Japanese, so we had a much easier time understanding her. We were visiting the... some kind of weather lab...? I don't remember names (but I looked it up to find out if we could find out who play Captain Davis (couldn't *pout*) and apparently it's the Center for Weather Control). But they had developed technology to eliminate storms, and we got to go on the mission with them to see how it worked. She introduced us to Captain Davis, who would be piloting the giant helicopter we would be riding, and she demonstrated the storm dispelling bomb thingie, which they shoot into the eye of the storm, and it blows up, which I guess sends a chemical or some sort of shock wave into the storm that dispels it. (We figure they made up some science for it.) But of course, she points out, the one we'll be using has a blast about a million times bigger. Also of course, the storm we would be dispelling was a category 5.

They let us into the helicopter thingie, and as we walked in, the lady who introduced everything says to herself, "I hope Captain Davis doesn't do anything crazy this time."

The ride itself is a simulator, like Star Tours, only this time they have windows on the sides, which is really neat. So as we're taking off, you can see all the trees and stuff to the side, as well as everything in front. Of course Captain Davis doesn't want to just do the mission without having fun, so we stay close to the water and take a bit of a joyride on our way into the storm. They have dolphins! We finally get into the storm, and, not entirely surprisingly, none of the pilots have ever seen anything like it. Stuff goes wrong, and the other helicopter gets hit with like a cow or something (I made up the getting hit with a cow part, but I think there were flying cows), and part of the helicopter comes off so the rain is getting inside, and more stuff goes wrong because Davis can't listen to orders. He finally shoots the bomb thingie and I guess he didn't make it into the eye of the storm, because it got sent right back at us and lodges itself in the roof of our helicopter. Pointing inside, of course. It was pretty neat, actually. And Davis manages to yank it out before it blows us to smithereens with the mechanism that does that, and them there are wires and things swinging from the ceiling, and finally it blows up and dispels the storm. And we crash into the ocean! And we come up and everything is all peaceful and happy, and we make it safely back the the CWC. Yay! We understood it a lot better when we were sitting there listening. Captain Davis had an awesome voice.

And now it's almost time for Jeopardy!, so our adventures with the weather-controlling scientists will have to wait for tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for the New York Deli and its french fries, souvenir cookies, hovercrafts, Venetian gondola rides, and the ability to say no to dares.
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