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We we-ent to Disneyla-and, we-ent to Disneyla-a-and♪

Before I get back to the report, I have a tale of woe to relate. It happened last night. We knew we were getting close to the end of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, so we decided we'd try to beat it before the Daily Show. We had a really hard time with what we think is the last boss, because after you drain all his HP you have to do something within a certain time limit or he'll revive completely, and we couldn't figure out what the something was. We finally did, and he was dead and everything... and the phone rang. Athena hurries to press start in an attempt to pause it, but instead, she skipped a scene! Aaaaaaaaahhhh! So we turned it off and didn't have time to try again before the Daily Show, alas. The moral of the story is be careful when calling people at 11:45 at night, because they might be at a very dramatic scene in a video game. Or something. Eheh.

Anyway, back to Japan.

Before I get to the Disneyland stuff, I remembered last night that I forgot to talk about the TV show we watched as we got ready to go to the Magic Kingdom. This is mostly for our benefit, because I don't know if anybody reading this is familiar with Kirarin Revolution (which I think will be brought to the States soon as just Kirali?). We turned on the TV, since we know anime is sometimes on in the mornings, and we found a channel that was showing a thing with two hosts, one of whom seemed to be representing Kirari somehow, and the other of whom, if I managed to catch his name accurately before it went off screen, was Kouichi Yamadera. Many of you will know him as Spike from Cowboy Bebop, but we will always remember him as the Japanese Donald Duck (and about half the male Disney characters in existence). This was enough to catch our attention, but then they said something about checking in on Ships. Ships is the boy band... er, boy duo? Idol unit consisting of two guys... in Kirarin Revolution, one of whom is played by one of our favorites, Soichiro Hoshi (and for you Hatsuharu/SorataTsubasaversion fans, the other is played by Akio Suyama).

But instead of the Ships from the anime, apparently they've hired two guys to really be Ships. So we kept watching because we wanted to see them sing and dance. Sadly, Seiji didn't have his pet turtle *pout*. The show seemed to really be a big toy commercial, and this time they had a focus on cars. There was this pair of brothers that was being all bullyish and stuff, and they challenged Ships to a car race, which Ships had to win to save the honor of the body shop? or something. There were two other guys who worked at the body shop thing, and Ships was working on their behalf. They had more toy demonstrations for Pokemon stuff and a weather report in the middle, but eventually they finally came to the big race. Of course Ships won, and then they had this big touching scene where Ships tells the two bullies about friendship or something like that, and they all had a big group hug, which was interrupted when Kirari girl screamed because one of the body shop guy's pants had fallen down. Kouichi Yamadera covered him up while he pulled his pants up, and everybody was happy. The end.

Okay, back to Disneyland. So we had finally arrived at the Magic Kingdom, and the lines were long. Fortunately, we discovered that those were the lines to get in, while the lines to buy tickets were much shorter, so we got in line to buy tickets. I was still really nervous about buying the tickets, because I wasn't sure I could communicate properly. Apparently one of my greatest fears is being misunderstood. But Disneyland is smart enough to realize that they have tourists from everywhere, and in fact, even at Tokyo Disneyland, you're more likely to see the English sign on top. I'm not entirely sure why that is, but it was very helpful for me. I actually have had ticket misunderstandings at California Disneyland, so that probably didn't help. But we managed to get our tickets without incident! Yay! And! they only cost 10,000 yen each (less than $100) for two-day passports! Amazing!

After getting into the longer lines, which had started moving while we were getting our tickets, we finally made it into the park. And the castle was like forever away in the distance. We had heard Tokyo Disneyland didn't originally have a castle, though, so I guess that might make sense?

We had no idea where to begin, so we did what we usually do--start in Adventureland. So we turned left, like always. The first attraction we came to was Pirates of the Caribbean. We were very amused to discover that the ride was sponsored by Kirin, a Japanese brewery, because "In Japan, the rum's never gone" (is the reason we decided on, despite the fact that we're pretty sure Kirin doesn't actually make rum, per se). The ride was a little like Pirates Lite, because the cavey bits were all shorter, and there was only one drop, but they still had the friendly voice, which made me happy, because they cruelly ripped it out of the Anaheim version. They also still had the bloomin' cockroachers line, despite having all the movie stuff added. I still think it's stupid that they took that line out of the Anaheim version, because Captain Barbossa totally says it in Curse of the Black Pearl.

In the store at the exit, we found a lot of neat stuff, like Pirates of the Caribbean manga! But we didn't buy any. We've known since our attempt at being touristy last June that we're not very good at it. In fact, we're very very bad at it. We're always like, "Oh, this is so cute! ...but we don't need it. Back on the shelf!" It usually doesn't even go that far, actually. The thought of actually buying anything rarely occurs to us.

We continued our journey and found It: the Jungle Cruise. The first thing we noticed that was kind of strange was that the boats moved clockwise instead of counter-clockwise like in Anaheim. We were like, "What? Can they do that?" Apparently they can. When I told Dad about it on the phone, he's like, "Well of course!" and maybe he had a reason but I didn't catch it because I remembered that that was the only ride that changed direction. The second thing we noticed was a distinct lack of wild birds in the river. I guess Japanese birds are more polite? Or they don't like loud noise and the idea of being run over by boats as much. Or they know that the people who are going to feed them are not the ones riding Jungle Cruise.

Sadly, our tour guide was very quiet, and people were talking over him, and we were still getting used to being in a situation where the language being spoken is generally Japanese (everything on Pirates is still in English, except for the skull at the beginning, and the two voices in the cave), so we didn't catch most of the jokes, except that the gorilla was playing janken gori-gori-ly with crocodile. And when we went by the waterfall, he prayed that he would make it past this time, and there was the joke, also in the Anaheim version (depending on your guide), about the African elephant's... sister? being the most feared animal in the jungle. Oh, and something about the anaconda being "hebii." Aaaaaahahahahahaaaa! (Hebi is Japanese for snake, and also sounds like "heavy.")

It was really weird, though, because it was all out of order. And the Bengal tiger was inside a temple-y thing that was pretty neat. There were also a bunch of monkeys playing in the pottery adorably. We figure it's similar to how they do it in Florida, but we've never been there, so we couldn't say for sure. Oh! but Athena remembered that when we passed by the native village, the tour guide said, "They might attack, so just keep watching them," and then they attacked from the other side. The second time we went on (to see if we could hear things better), our tour guide said that the boat was running low on power, but if it stopped, we could all row. That's where we're supposed to all go, "Yeah!" (Y'know, like in anime, where they all raise their fists and go "Oooo!") So a few of us did, and he was like, "That's the biggest reaction I've gotten all day."

We got off the Jungle Cruise and there... was the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. This was a nostalgia trip for us, because they changed the Anaheim one to Tarzan's Treehouse nine years ago when Tarzan came out. (Wow, nine years ago...) I think the order was different, but it was basically the same. But you couldn't hear the harpsichord until you got to the... room where they had it in the movie, unlike the Anaheim version, where you could hear it all through the lines to Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean.

After we got through the treehouse, we noticed a popcorn stand, and, since we know that the best way to survive a trip to Disneyland when you're not used to being on your feet all day is to stay fed and watered, we decided to get some. This popcorn happened to be chocolate flavored, which really means it has a coating like caramel popcorn, only chocolate flavored, and it smells like chocolate Poptarts.

And now for a word about the popcorn at Tokyo Disney Resorts. No two popcorn stands sell the same flavor of popcorn, as far as we could tell. Well, okay, there's a caramel popcorn stand, for example, in both Disneyland and Disneysea, but the point is, they have lots of different flavors of popcorn. If we'd been smart, we would have tried more of them. The honey popcorn smelled reeeeeeally good, too (but we can get that in Anaheim, yay). I think the most popular, because it had the longest line when we passed by, was the curry popcorn they were selling in Westernland (I also think it's funny that they have Westernland instead of Frontierland). And each flavor has a different souvenir bucket. And! they're so smart in Tokyo that the souvenir buckets have straps so you can carry them around your neck. Come to think of it, they might have those here, but we never buy souvenir buckets, so we don't remember.

Once we had our popcorn, we ran into a couple of monkeys who were on their way to do the Mickey's Super Duper Jumpin' Time show, so we followed them. We only watched the first part of the show, because we were impatient to move on, but it. was. adorable! I think that's the most I've seen Mickey Mouse move outside of the world of animation. Those guys jumped around a lot. The show was run by... this guy who was the MC, and after explaining that "super duper" means "the best..." something we forgot, like fun or something... he called out Mickey and friends. They all did a dance, and then Chip and Dale led the kids in front in some exercises, and there was a game with the monkeys. And then Mickey, Minnie, and Donald put on a puppet show! It was so cute! Mickey and Minnie were out on a picnic, but Donald was hungry, so every time they left to get more food, Donald would sneak in and eat what they had left. But every time he ate, he got bigger. And eventually, he turned so big, he scared Mickey and Minnie away, and so he had no friends. So he cried and cried and cried, until he'd cried so many tears that he was tiny like the frogs. Then the frogs told Mickey and Minnie that Donald was sad, and they all sang that song that goes "Kero kero kero kero kuwa kuwa kuwa." And Mickey and Minnie watered Donald with a watering can and he was back to normal size.

And then we finished our popcorn and moved on to Fantasyland.

And since I've been typing this for a loooooong time, I figure there's probably enough reading material to last a while, and perhaps everyone would like a break. So more Disneyland adventures later.

Today I'm thankful for popcorn variety, Mickey's Super Duper Jumpin' Time (they sold keychains and stuff of the puppets Mickey, Minnie and Donald were using, but we didn't buy any; we really are terrible at buying souvenirs), Tokyo Disneyland still having some of the happy memories that no longer exist in Anaheim, adorable puppet shows, and having milk.
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