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What day is it...?

We're back and we're alive! Tadah! But we've been awake since eight o'clock this morning Japan time, which was like four o'clock yesterday afternoon here time. There was some napping on the plane so we're not completely sleep deprived, but man we had a hard time reading through our LJ backlog. Seriously, did you guys all plan to suddenly start writing a lot just after we left? It must be a conspiracy. We still need to read some of the entries that were put under cuts. But now it's almost time for the Daily Show and the Colbert Report, and then we'll go to sleep and hopefully our sleep schedule won't suffer too much from our adventures in time travel.

Today I'm thankful for having fun despite the abject terror, all the people who helped us lots and lots and lots and lots, making it back without too many problems, the lady who let us borrow her cell phone, and the prospect of sleep.
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