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It's almost time.

We'll be leaving in about four hours. The terror phases seem to be shorter but more acute as we get closer to leaving. Last night during dinner and later when we were watching 101 Dalmatians, every so often it would hit. During the movie, we were able to say, "Never mind, we're watching a movie," and forget about it until the next time it came along, but afterwards the terror hit so bad that we were like, "Never mind, we're not going. We'll go to Disneyland, California for a day or two, come back and spend the rest of our vacation playing video games." But we knew we weren't going to do that.

One thing this whole experience has made me realize is that we're scared of a lot of things. Like a lot of things. But everything that's made our life as awesome as it is up to this point had come after facing those fears--going to AX, going to college, getting the internship at TokyoPop, talking to other manga publishing companies. This is the biggest, scariest thing we've done in a long time, but we've decided we're going to do it, and unless American Airlines cancels our flight, we're going to do it. And hopefully then things will be that much more awesome.

In the meantime, for all the people who've said they're jealous and/or wish they could come too, we wish you could come too. This would be a lot less scary if we weren't so much on our own. But we have two very nice contacts in Japan whom we can call if we need them, and our home teachers are (or at least one of them is; the other one seems to be difficult to get a hold of) coming over to give us priesthood blessings. This is really big for us, and we haven't gotten priesthood blessings in a looooooong time, so we figure it's about time we finally did. It was pretty awesome, too, because before sacrament meeting, we knew we had to look for at least one of them to ask them about it, and then it just so happened the guy saying the closing prayer was our home teacher! That's even more of a testimony to me that it wasn't just a coincidence last night when that song that goes "don't worry about a thing 'cause every little thing is gonna be alright" randomly popped into my head.

Today I'm very thankful that the Lord is looking out for us, and for all the people who have been and are helping us with our trip, 101 Dalmatians (animated version), the courage (or maybe just the will power) to face our fears, and having a little more time to spend with the kitties before we go.
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