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Happy Friday!

It's only four-thirty and we're already done working, even on Big Project! Woohoo! Well, technically we still have some research to do, but that doesn't count the same way. We would use this extra time to watch Tower of Druaga (a show everyone should totally check out), but I still like the idea of having Saturday morning anime too much.

We have plans to go clothes shopping with Sarah tomorrow. This way we'll not only be forced to buy clothes, but we'll have someone there to let us know what's not stupid. Fear of looking stupid is in fact one of the big things that prevents us from buying clothes (the other one being fear of parting with money for something we don't really care about), but we decided we want to look cute when we're in Japan, so we've enlisted Sarah's help. Of course, Sarah's efforts may all be for nothing, since I reeeeeeeeally like my fanny pack and I don't want to give it up, especially because I have a thing against owning my own purse. I don't know why; just cuz, I guess. Athena says I can make a new fashion statement. Yeah!

But Sarah seems so gung-ho about it. I guess she's one of those people that likes dressing everybody up. Mom called yesterday telling me that Sarah was panicking because she has no idea what the weather will be like in Japan, and how can she choose decent clothes for us if she doesn't know what the temperature's going to be like? That reminds me, I need to go look into that. ...Looks like it'll be in the upper 60s. Maybe a little chilly for the likes of us.

Our home teacher came by last night and brought us an Armenian dessert his mom made. He says it's like baklava only better. We still haven't tried it though, because all this work has us a little tired and very unadventurous. We do have plenty adventure on the horizon already, after all. And actually, eating new foods is one of the things that takes the highest level of adventurousness for us. But we should definitely try it soon, so it doesn't get too stale.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work early, interesting conversation, my fanny pack,, and Mediterranean climates.
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