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The results are in!

Has everyone seen Tower of Druaga yet? *nudgenudge*

Well, it's finally time to announce the results of that meme from the other day. I decided to go ahead and do it in a new post instead of editing it so that people wouldn't have to go back and find it. I'll go respond to the comments individually when I'm done posting here.

1. Naruto - Gaara (guessed by lyschan)
Two words: Akira Ishida. He has a habit of making us fall in love with characters regardless of their personality. Just look at Howard from Mujin Wakusei Survive.

2. Fruits Basket - Momiji
Nobody guessed Momiji, but all the guesses that were made reminded us that, "Oh, hey, that character's awesome!" so we'll give points to everybody who guessed, with an extra point for phoenix_melody for guessing the runner-up we had in mind. Anyway, we like Momiji because he tries to understand people, and he's not in it for himself--he wants everyone to be happy. He knows who he is and how to be the kind of person he can be proud of being, and that's just awesome.

3. La Corda d'Oro - Tsukimori (violinist A) (guessed by baranoneko)
We feel like poor Tsukimori is so misunderstood. We kind of feel like he's us in a lot of ways. We kind of get the feeling that he seems like a snob not because he is one, but because he has high standards, and he can't understand why everyone doesn't live up to them. But he tries very hard to live up to them himself, which you can see when he does something rude or immature accidentally (we assume because he's not used to dealing with people) and apologizes immediately afterward. Ousaki (violinist B, with the glasses) comes in second, because he reminds me of Clay.

4. Ouran High School Host Club - Tamaki (guessed by chibidrunksanzo and baranoneko)
He's the Ayame type we keep being amazed that the Fruits Basket fanbook so accurately predicted we'd like so much. He's over-dramatic, but you can tell almost everything he does is designed to make someone else happy, and it's just so cute the way he likes to play hero. It's enough to make up for his arrogance. Consolation points go to lyschan and phoenix_melody for guessing Hikaru and Kaoru. They're totally awesome, and whenever there's an episode about them and being twins, we're like, "Wow. Bisco Hatori really gets it."

5. Saiyuki - Goku and Hakkai (guessed by baranoneko
Goku is the best because he makes everything better, and stops people from ripping their eyes out. He's the type of character that just brightens the... page? And he's cute♥ Hakkai's the best because he learns from his mistakes and he cares about other people and stuff. Consolation points go to chibidrunksanzo for guessing Sanzo. He was our favorite for a while back when our family was going crazy and we wanted someone to come along and say, "Cut it out or I'll shoot you."

6. Romeo x Juliet - Romeo
Romeo, Romeo... blah blah. It seems kind of cliche to like Romeo, but this version of Romeo is the best. He's so cute, and he loves Juliet sooooo much that he would do anything for her, but he realizes he has responsibility that's bigger than him and Juliet, and he doesn't completely abandon it just because he wants to be with his little girlfriend. I really respect that.

7. Hoshi wa Utau - Chihiro
Like I said, we have a thing for the mystery men.

8. Ace Attorney - Miles Edgeworth (guessed by chibidrunksanzo)
We always did like the intelligent and competent types. The whole evil-turned-good thing is also very very sexy.

9. Kingdom Hearts - Sora and Riku (guessed by chibidrunksanzo and baranoneko)
I guess you can maybe see a theme in that we like cute, bright, cheerful boys, especially ones who have a sense of justice and wanting to help people. And we've always had a soft spot for Riku, because his stupidity is understandable and we think we might have acted the same way in his position (or at least felt the same way). And then he turns into Super Awesome.

10. Avatar - Iroh
There's a lot to be said for the mentor types, and he's really the most entertaining character, too. Consolation points go to phoenix_melody for getting Sokka, our runner-up.

11. Final Fantasy XII - Balthier (guessed by phoenix_melody)
While I want to keep Balthier all to ourselves, I'm usually surprised to see when somebody's favorite character is not him. He's smart and witty and a pirate, but a refined one who's not all grungy and gross. Like Westley from the Princess Bride, only even better (at least in our opinion).

12. Fushigi Yuugi - Amiboshi and Suboshi (guessed by baranoneko and phoenix_melody)
Amiboshi has always been my favorite, because I like characters that play the flute and aren't evil. And he wants everybody to be happy--he just doesn't know how to go about it because he ended up on Nakago's team. I used to hate Suboshi because he was psycho and evil, but a character grows on you when you cosplay them and everyone loves you as them, and now I think he's adorable the way he's so eager to help Yui.

13. FullMetal Alchemist - Hughes (guessed by chibidrunksanzo
I always had a thing for fatherly types, and even without his obsession with Elicia, he definitely acts like a father to everyone. And he's made of awesome.

14. I Hate You More Than Anyone - Maki Sugimoto (guessed by lyschan and phoenix_melody)
There's that Ayame type again. Every time we see a frame with him in it, we have to say out loud, "He's so cute!" I'm not even kidding--he's just that adorable. I like to see guys so in love with girls that they're not afraid to let the whole world know, but only if that's real love and not lust, and with Maki, you can tell it's real love.

15. Tsubasa Chronicles - Syaoran (guessed by phoenix_melody)
I don't know if it's just that we have a thing for main guys or kids played by Miyu Irino (he's also Sora!). But here it is again with the guy who will do anything for the girl he loves, but still has a sense of responsibility and won't sacrifice the rest of the world for his own happiness. Oh, and now that I think of it, cares more about her happiness than his own.

16. The Tower of DRUAGA - Kally and Neeba (sort of guessed by baranoneko, but we can only give her consolation points because she didn't have the names)
What do you want from us, we've only seen two episodes! So of course we're going to choose the guys who are played by our favorite voice actors. But Kally is awesome because he's the sneaking spy, and Neeba is awesome because he's the responsible big brother type (though shame on him for that one incident--I don't care if it was only in Jil's imagination). And he's an archer, which is just awesome.

And the winner is... baranoneko with eleven points!!! phoenix_melody came super close with ten, and chibidrunksanzo had nine! Thanks for playing everyone!!

In other news, two days ago I realized that one of my biggest fears is of papercuts. I cut a really nasty one from a cardboard box that used to hold butter. At least I assume is was nasty, because it hurt a lot. I realized I had a papercut and was so freaked out by it (and the fact that paper had cut me enough to bleed) that I only saw it very briefly before I hid it under a bandaid. The end.

Today I'm thankful for awesome anime characters, skin, home teachers bearing gifts, being down to one translation to finish before Japan, and little sisters with fashion sense who are willing to share their knowledge instead of mocking our lack of it.
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