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Packages abound!

It's time for the daily reminder to check out Tower of Druaga! Tadah! Incidentally, the opening sequence is really nothing like the series, so if you saw that and decided it wasn't your thing, we hope you'll watch an episode (or at least part of an episode) and give it more of a chance.

Also, I wanted to say that we haven't forgotten the people who made guesses in the meme we posted yesterday, but we wanted to give more people a chance, so I'm not going to respond just yet. One thing I forgot to mention is that we aren't necessarily big fans ourselves of everything we listed--there are a few we just know enough about/have seen enough of to have favorite characters. And I think I might need to make it a rule that you guess the character's actual name... Hmm...

In other news, today has been a day of shiny packages. Well, shiny packages and taxes, but mostly shiny packages. Two of them were work related, so all I know I can say is that they're shiny manga. The other two were from Right Stuf and dot-anime So now we finally have a complete collection of Fushigi Yuugi DVDs. Wow, can you believe we've been fans of that for about ten years now? That's pretty crazy.

And shiniest of all, we got Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time cels. We got one of Eisen and one of Yasuaki. We're usually not into cels, but they were only $25 each and very very shiny. And we have two lonely nails in our wall from when Mom and Steve tried to hang photos of us in our living room. The cels are super pretty, but for now they have to stay in the box because we don't have frames for them. But this time we'll probably actually make an effort to get them. Our former home teacher is a photographer, so he does a lot of framing stuff, and knows a lot more about that than is good for the two of us. We talked to him once about frames and he explained the advantages and disadvantages of the different kinds of glass you can get, making us want to spend more money than we probably need to. That museum glass sure is fancy. But maybe we'll just see if we can pick up some cheap plastic frames at Target or something. We'll worry about that when things have calmed down a bit.

In the meantime, we still have a bazillion things to take care of, so off we go. Today I'm thankful for getting a hundred pages of manga translated today, shiny Haruka cels, getting our taxes paid, getting all our shiny packages today, and having everything we need to meet all our in-Japan deadlines.
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