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Yup, definitely appreciate Sundays during busy times like what we're going through right now. Saturdays are nice too, but with Big Project, we have to make sure to do a little work on Saturdays anyway to make sure we don't fall behind. The theme for Sacrament Meeting this month would appear to be tithing, so of course that's what the speakers spoke about. One girl quoted the scripture that says if you pay your tithing the windows of heaven will be opened and "pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it." And we thought about all the awesome work we're getting, and the fact that we can watch the newest anime on our computer again, and the fact that we can afford to buy manga and DVDs and a trip to Japan, and we're like, "Wow. That's so true."

What else did I want to talk about? I've tried talking about like three things now and decided that I didn't want to go into that on LJ after all. Maybe instead of forcing myself to come up with topics, I should go enjoy some of the millions of other things we don't have time to do during the week. But nobody's been updating again and I feel like everything's so boring, so I want to make it more interesting. Not that my ramblings necessarily make things more interesting, but they entertain me at least. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for tithing, getting to talk to people at church, having a fairly good idea of how we'll be getting to LAX, having the rest of the day to relax, and having finally made those brownies.
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