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Oh New Anime, how we've missed thee...

There was a long time when we didn't notice the difference between weekends and weekdays, but now that we've gone and crazified our work schedule, we're definitely feeling it. I feel like I actually have time to do things other than work today!

And so, we decided to finally look into these rumors that Gonzo is providing anime to watch legally on our computer. And this isn't just like when an American company licenses a series and releases it here after a few months. They put these suckers on the internet as they air in Japan. With subtitles, even! And so our first stop was the Tower of Druaga website, to find out where to go to watch the streaming episodes. And then... we watched.

Some of you know that we stopped downloading anime about five, six months ago because of rumors that the anime industry was in trouble. We had signed up for Netflix by then, so we weren't completely deprived of anime, but we no longer had fresh new anime right out of Japan. We tried Bandai Channel, but we kept having issues with providers. I think it probably has something to do with whatever is making it so that every time we try to use our credit card to order from CD Japan, we have to call the account fraud number to let them know that, even though the purchase was made from a company in another country, we were in fact the ones who made the order. Identity thieves are causing problems in all sorts of ways, grr.

But now! thanks to Gonzo, we can watch new anime on our computer legally! Thank you Gonzo! Thank you so much!

And not only that, but before the opening sequence started we heard not only Akira Ishida, but Takahiro Sakurai. We could have cried, we were so happy. (We didn't, but we could have. We apparently have issues.) And then we saw in the opening credits that Hitoshi Sakimoto (Romeo x Juliet, Final Fantasy XII) did the music! The episode was really fun, too. It was like the fantasy adventure version of Shinesman. I think the animators indulged themselves a little too much in the scene where Fatina got attacked by a monster, but other than that, it was hilarious.

So, since we were there at YouTube, we went ahead and watched the second episode, which wasn't as zany as the first, but still fun, and then, since no more episodes have aired, we checked the other two services to see if they had better picture quality, because we could not make out the cast list, and that wouldn't do at all. And that's how we discovered BOST TV, which is like Bandai Channel, but worldwide, and, sadly, with fewer ultra-new things. But it's definitely solved our anime service provider problem, at least for a while, since our other reaction to this whole new world of anime viewing is, "Great. Another thing we don't have time for."

In other news, we watched The Great Yokai War on Demand last night. That was a kind of crazy movie, and I think I'd only recommend it if you have a bunch of friends to talk to through it, because it's fun but still kind of slow. The way they defeated the main bad guy was awesome though. I think that alone may have made it worth it. Also, Ryunosuke Kamiki is adorable. He's why we watched the movie, and I just wanted to bring him up, because he played Jin in the original Lagoon Engine CD dramas back when he was eight or nine, and there was an interview with him where he said his favorite Pokemon was Dratini. This is one of the cutest things in the world, because the Japanese name of Dratini is Mini-Ryu!

Then we played Ring of Fates. We're really not digging the voices of the main kids. Hopefully they'll get better when they make the time jump. We would just turn off the voices (the game has that option), but we can't bring ourselves to do it. The biggest problem we have with it is if we'd known they had voices, we would have gone ahead and gotten the Japanese version. Oh well; this way we can play multi-player mode with more people that we know. Of course if we make lots of friends in Japan... but knowing us, we're not quite that social. Ah well.

So anyway, everybody go watch Tower of Druaga and support legal anime streaming!

Today I'm thankful for Tower of Druaga, Gonzo animation being super awesome, ultimate fudge brownies, legal anime streaming, and BOST TV.
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