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Right now I'm reminded of that song those guys are singing in that episode of Final Fantasy: Unlimited where the lyrics were just, "Shigoto shigoto shigoto (work work work)." Because that's what we've been doing allllllllll day! Well, not all day. There was a break for lunch and a break for commenting and responding to comments. And ordering manga because when we checked the rankings for top ten manga sold at Animate this week, we discovered that, oh hey, Host Club 12 is out. It really should have been higher than five, though.

We probably didn't have to work so long today, but we're hoping to get the one thing done supersuperfast, or at least superfast, so we're not rushing at the end of the month. It's a question of do we want to cram all the work in today, or do we want to cram all the work in another day? And the answer is today. Because we like to get stuff done. Sometimes this is not as good a strategy as it would seem, because sometimes, as soon as we don't have to get that stuff done anymore, people give us new stuff to get done, so we might as well not push it. But we definitely want to have more time to relax immediately before leaving the country, especially since we want to allow time for any last-minute preparations, so there you have it.

But because we were trying to work supersuperfast, we were more adversely affected by exposition than usual. It was like, "Gah, stop! talking! Why aren't you people fighting each other yet!?" It was especially bad because nobody was interacting with their enemies, so they shouldn't have been fighting anyway. Except that we suspect the one guy of really being evil, but... anyway. It's a fun series with fun characters and as soon as we know we can tell people what it is, we will, but today I do feel like we were hit by a ball of infinite exposition. ("Aw man, you bored my character to death." Oh, Danny Phantom.)

And now we're finally finally done with work for the day, so it's about time to go lie down on the couch and watch TV and stuff. Whee!

Today I'm thankful for monkey bread, being done with work for the day, Yunoki's Primo Passo song (I hate the guy, but I love his singing voice), the shigoto song from FF:U, and electrons.
Tags: rambling, workaholism

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