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Go read our column!! (Please)

Even though we kind of finished work early today, we kept putting off updating Live Journal because we were waiting for Manga Life to be updated! Our column's on the top! Whee! This time it's all about Ayame Sohma! We really enjoyed writing it, so we hope a lot of people enjoy reading it!!

So back to talking about work, we were out of books today, so we used our time to get ahead in the Big Project. I never realized before how much dialogue is our friend. As the day went on, we continued to not have any visits from UPS, FedEx, or even DHL (not that we're expecting anything from them; we're actually well supplied with books from the one company that uses them), so we were a little worried that we might have to resort to drastic measures--downloading the manga in the meantime. We reeeeeeeally didn't want to do that, so we were very very happy when the UPS guy came about an hour ago. Of course, we decided that we were going to try the book that wouldn't require that first, but I'm glad we don't have to do that, either. But I'm not going to explain why, because it's complicated.

What else was I going to talk about today? Right. On Beauty and the Geek last night, the Auron cosplayer (if we remember his audition correctly) and his partner won the trip to the premiere of Prom Night (in theaters this Friday). I don't know how movie premieres work, but Matt, if you're out there and the premiere hasn't happened yet, I hope you remember that Brittany Snow played Namine in Kingdom Hearts II, and if you get a chance to meet her, will you tell her hi for us? (Maybe she'd be interested in knowing we translated volume one of the Kingdom Hearts II manga? ...probably not. Oh well.)

I was sure I had more to talk about. We seem to get a lot of comments when we review Natsuki Takaya works. Maybe we should do that more often. It just seems so dangerous with everyone having read farther than us, though. Hrm.

We didn't wake up quite as early as we did yesterday. I had a weird dream involving ghost towns (with ghosts... maybe), and I wanted to stay in bed and hide a little longer. Kind of ironic, since the ghosts were in my dream, and therefore staying in bed would be going in the opposite direction of getting away from them, but my blankets were very comfortable.

Today I'm thankful for having all the books we need for two of our three before-Japan deadlines, dialogue, Ayame Sohma, Chinese Zodiac wall-hangings, and having all of our fingers. We're very nervous about tonight's episode of America's Next Top Model.
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