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That Shinn... *shakes head*

I almost don't want to update because we're still a week behind on Gundam Seed Destiny, but since we decided not to download stuff on Sundays (give the computer a little break), we won't catch up at least until tomorrow.

It was fun seeing more of Meer now that I've cosplayed her. Kind of weird though, because I was kind of like, "Oh no! I messed up the costume!" and kind of like, "Wow, I did pretty good with that costume." I guess that's what happens when you change the design slightly.

Watching Gundam Seed is interesting because I get so involved in the characters that I almost forget who plays them. Now that's an intense series.

I honestly thought he might redeem himself. I honestly did. Athrun was all telling him why Dullindal was evil and stuff, and I'm like, "Oh! Shinn can join Athrun and maybe he'll be cool again!" I really thought again, even though I never really liked him. Although he was adorable taking care of Stellar.

It doesn't matter though, because he had to go and listen to stupid Rey (I used to like Rey), and go and kill Athrun. First Kira, now Athrun. That stupid kid's never going to redeem himself.

And yet he's Maaya Sakamoto's favorite male character. Go figure.
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