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We're home!

Today has been an exercise in patience. Conference was awesome, of course. A lot of really good talks. I liked Elder Bednar's talk on meaningful prayer, and President Monson's story about his wife going to the hospital. And just in case anybody's interested, here's a link to mp3s of all the talks. Unfortunately, I don't remember exactly what each person spoke about, so I can't say, "If anybody wants to know what we think about ..., listen to this one!" Although I do remember that Elder Jeffrey R. Holland addresses the idea that Mormons aren't Christians and why it's false.

After Conference, we went right over to Mom's place to join them for Scott's birthday dinner. I still think it's incredibly unfair that Steve's kids get presents on their birthdays and we don't. They say it's an adults vs. kids thing, but Mom and Steve both get presents, too, so it's really just lame is what it is. But that's just me being greedy. It's not like we got Scott a present this year.

Mom's learned that we bring a movie with us every time we go over there now (we wonder if Mom has also learned that she seems to prefer our movies over "normal" ones), and this time was no exception, because, as I mentioned yesterday, we'd just bought Alvin and the Chipmunks. And so we all had "Christmas Don't Be Late" stuck in our heads for the rest of the evening. We all decided that Celeste was a lot like Alvin, and she seemed to really like that idea, because they have paper cups that everyone has to label with a Sharpee if they don't want to be lame paper wasters, and Celeste labeled hers "Alvin."

Everything was fine until dinner ended. Then Sarah wanted to go play with babies at her boyfriend's house, and Mom went off to work, and Steve and Scott went into the other room to finish their golf video game (weird), so that left us with Celeste and Kimee to play Mario Party. One time through was fine, except that Scott came in in the middle and traded places with Celeste and started playing dirty. After that it didn't seem like anyone was going to be very conversational, so I pulled out Houkago Shounen, and right as we were getting into it, Kimee decided she wanted to play Mario Party again. For some reason the second time through felt a lot more tedious. It may or may not have been because I was losing, but more because we already knew the rules to all the games but Scott and Kimee had to read them. Ah well.

But the worst was when we started going home. It was cold so I was already anxious to be home, and then Celeste turned on the country music, making it worse. And when we were halfway home, Celeste realized she needed to go back and print out her homework on Mom's printer. So we drove all the way back, and then we drove all the way to our place and the country music was still on, after my patience was already thin. But we persevered! and when we made it home we listened to a Chipmunk song and it was all good.

There was one song that came up that Celeste was like, "This is a really good song; you should listen to the words." I figure she can't not know that we have issues with country music since it was in the background of most of the crappy stuff that happened in 2004, so I wonder if she was trying to say, "See? You'd like some country music!" But really, the best way for us to reconcile with country music would be to be away from it for like a year. Then I think it will stop reviving bad feelings, because the bad feelings would have had time to fade completely.

And now we're home and may or may not have some time to play some relaxing video games (depending on when we want to go to bed).

Today I'm thankful for more awesome Conference talks, the Chipmunks movie being rewatchable (we watched it last night, too--but we might want to hold off for a bit now), Chipmunks being catchier than country, patience, and Mom giving us an idea of how much we owe in taxes and it being a lower amount than we'd feared.
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