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Happy Anniversary!

This weekend has been all sorts of crazy so far. First! We got our complimentary copies of Kieli yesterday, and they're very shiny! If only the UPS guy had gotten here before we e-mailed Yen Press Boss, so we could have included a thank you. We'll have to do that on Monday.

We watched Black Cat and decided that if FUNimation is going to continue to evilly force us to watch their previews, we're just going to have to buy Japanese copies of Host Club. I mean, I don't usually mind previews, and usually we watch them anyway, but sometimes we're on a tight schedule, and when you make it impossible to skip them, that's just evil. We liked Solty Rei! And now we have a grudge against it. Poor Solty Rei.

And then we got the Rayne ending for Neo Angelique and discovered that we missed exactly one of his stills. And it's like at the end, but we saved it too late in the game to go back and make the decision that would get it, so now we have to play through the whole game one more time to get it. That wouldn't really be a problem (Rayne's pretty awesome), except that lately we've been under the illusion that we have no time at all.

We were fine on Wednesday night--we realized that we're far enough ahead of schedule that we're not going to die if we take a week off, and everything was looking up. But then on Thursday, we had the whole taxes thing, and on top of that, we were offered a huge project that we really wanted to do. We were really torn about whether we should take it or not, but we kind of felt like we should after talking and praying and stuff. And really, we don't work very long hours anyway, so we're not as overworked as we sometimes convince ourselves we are. But still, that and taxes and the fact that we don't have all our travel plans in order have me all stressed out.

On the bright side, we got to do a little bit of shopping today. But we're bad enough at parting with our money on things like clothes as it is, and we still have no idea how much we're going to owe in taxes. Mom has us really scared, though, so hopefully it's not as much as we're afraid it is. But we didn't buy as many new clothes as perhaps we should have. We did, however, buy a copy of Alvin and the Chipmunks, as well as another copy of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates (so we can play multi-player), because those are so necessary. But at least we know we'll have plenty to occupy ourselves on the plane. And! the Game Stop we got Ring of Fates at had Kingdom Hearts cards on sale, so we got a pack of those! Whee!

General Conference is turning out to be awesome as usual. So far my favorite part was when Elder Wirthlin said, "The Lord didn't fill the earth with an orchestra of personalities only to enjoy the piccolos of the world." I was like, "Oh, I wonder what instruments we are!" Our best guess is that we're bassoons, because they're kind of unusual and you don't see much of them, but they're awesome.

And finally! today is our third Live Journal anniversary, and Goku's birthday! Maybe we'll watch his OVA.

Today I'm thankful for awesome conference talks, fun orchestra analogies (I wonder what kind of person would be an electric guitar), a visiting teacher who will drive us all over the place, having finally made it to FedEx, and having our very own copy of Alvin and the Chipmunks.
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