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The day has disappeared. We told Celeste yesterday that we wouldn't be going to Family Home Evening tonight, because we're morally opposed to food fights. We weren't always opposed to food fights; it was originally just dislike. We're have a hard enough time getting ourselves to touch disgusting food--why would we want to be pelted with it? But after we went through our Year of Poverty, the idea of wasting food like that is really kind of appalling. And so we are morally opposed to food fights. And so when Celeste called during her lunch break, instead of just confirming that it was okay to come pick up her check, she suggested that, since none of us were going to FHE, we go see Horton Hears a Who.

But before that, our home teachers came over. We immediately started talking about video games, because New Home Teacher is a Street Fighter fan, and he wanted to know if they were speaking real words. Unfortunately, we could only tell him about hadouken and... Ken's attack... because we've only played Puzzle Fighter (which is super awesome, by the way). And then we started in on Kingdom Hearts, and neither of them had played it before, so we showed them the opening movie, and then we put in KH2 so they could see all the limit moves, because they were like, "So do they do special moves?" so of course we had to show them.

Celeste showed up right about when we finished with that, so they gave us a lesson and asked if there was anything they could do for us, like help pack or call the hotel (that was cute of them, seeing as how we'd probably be better able to deal with calling Japanese hotels (but so would not mind letting them do it otherwise)), and then they left and we went to the movie. And it was pretty awesome. It took a while to get into, but by the end, we were like, "Yup, that was awesome." And Jesse McCartney was in it! Somehow he's always popping up in the movies we actually end up seeing. We like to have delusions of grandeur that our one post long ago predicting that he would be in Kingdom Hearts II was something he found when Googling himself, and then he called his agent and got the part, and since then has just loved voice acting. The delusions are in spite of the fact that he'd been working with Disney for a long time and probably had a cameo in Kim Possible or something long before KH2, but it's fun to dream.

The problem we have now, though, is kind of a complicated one. Celeste was "kidnapped" by some friends and taken to Disneyland a few weeks ago. Somehow they managed to convince her to buy a two-day pass, even though they knew she was only going to be there for one day, because the second day can be any day within thirty days of the first. And this weekend will be the last weekend she can use it. She brought it up while we were eating before the movie, because she knows that we have a habit of saying, "Hey, we could go to Disneyland," and she was hoping we'd do just that so we would pay for the gas to get down there. We didn't fall for it this time, because she brought it up kind of oddly, but eventually we got to the same page. The problem is, however, this weekend is General Conference. We like to watch General Conference when it's on, because as the Bishop pointed out yesterday, when you record it to watch later, "later" has a habit of not coming.

Of course, we're pretty good at making it a point to watch things anyway, but there are other things to consider. First, we already have plans to do some travel shopping with my visiting teacher on Saturday. Second, we already have a big trip in the works (Celeste knew this and therefore did not want to push it--part of why it took us so long to find out that's what she wanted). And third, day trips to Disneyland from four hours away really aren't quite as good an idea as they may sound to the crazy people who think they can handle anything with enough energy drinks. Plus, Disneyland is way better on Fridays than it is on Saturdays, anyway.

But it all comes down to this: Celeste already bought the ticket, and it would really suck for it to go to waste. Why do Celeste's friends have to convince her to do crazy things? Argh. We shall have to think on this one.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Horton Hears a Who, getting shiny packages from Japan, managing to get all our work done for today despite the crazy schedule, finishing eating in time for the movie, and Alvin and the Chipmunks coming out on DVD tomorrow. We shall have to buy ourselves a copy.
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