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I'm choosing not to stress about coming up with a subject line.

We had a pretty awesome testimony meeting today. There was one testimony I thought was especially neat that I wanted to share, so here goes. See, there's this guy who said that this month he was just going through one of those times that just about everybody goes through where they're just depressed and mad at the world and nothing goes right and everything. And one day as he was going through it, he's driving along, thinking about all the problems in his life like how girls hate him and life sucks and he's out of milk, and he's at a stop light. And he looks up and there's this blind girl, about nine years old, crossing the street. And as he saw her tapping her cane, struggling to get across, suddenly all his problems seemed so trivial and non-problematic.

We finally got a chance to announce to the ward that we're going to Japan. Our Relief Society has a thing every week where they want people to stand up and briefly mention something happy that happened to them during the week (we call it the Good News Pop Up; I think other wards have it with different names). We didn't announce it after we got our tickets, because we were still kind of in shock about the whole thing, and then last week Athena wasn't in church and I couldn't tell everybody without her. So we finally got to say it this week, only this week instead of Relief Society, the class was combined with Elders Quorum (since it's the fifth Sunday), so everybody got to hear about it, which was kind of neat because I think more of the guys in the ward were interested in hearing about it. But it's kind of got us nervous again, because we tell people we'll be gone for a week, and suddenly it feels like we're not going to have enough time there.

So we're telling us that for our first trip, it'll be fine, especially because we don't want to leave the cats or work too long, and we're not quite ready to get a laptop. Plus the laptop wouldn't help with the leaving the cats thing. Besides, they always say leave 'em wanting more, right?

Today I'm thankful for the awesome testimonies we heard today, Great in Eight being officially and forever over (though we kind of missed turning in our scores the last three weeks; but Athena's team won anyway (I wonder if they'll mind me sneaking into the pizza party...)), the awesome Relief Society/Priesthood lesson (it was on charity!), finding that video the one lady asked for in the library, and having plans to do some shopping next Saturday for our trip.
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