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I keep forgetting to mention that the new column's been up since Wednesday. This one marks the first one with the column's shiny new title! Check it out!

I also remembered the other thing I wanted to talk about yesterday! Kazuya Minekura mentioned that Animate's going to start selling a Sanzo figurine. I mostly just wanted to mention it because one, it's cool-lookin', and two, you can take his robe off! Mee-yow! (Minekura-sensei's comment was "That's our Sanzo-sama (laugh). But you still don't get to see his panties (we know that).") It goes on sale at the end of May, which is sad because we won't be able to get any while in Japan, but happy, because we don't have to worry about whether or not to spend the money. But man, is it cool-lookin'.

We were talking to parkcooper on Gmail earlier, and it brought up the very important question of how many people understand the phrase "maidenly heart," and what kind of events might cause one's maidenly heart to feel like it was being stabbed. Seriously, if you have any idea what it means, please comment so we can get an idea of how many people really know. (Though I don't know if that would really help get an idea of how many people would understand the manga scene in question, alas.)

But that reminded me that we've been asked what animals our patronuses would be if we were ever able to cast that spell. We didn't get a chance to answer because we all had to go get food, so I figured I might as well ramble about it here. I think that a patronus is more likely to be an animal that represents what makes you happy than whatever animal you think is awesomest (though if the awesomeness of that animal is something that makes you very happy, that would definitely factor in), so... I still don't know. I think for me it might be a cat, because cats keep showing up in stuff that I like, and because we have cats who make me happy, and I like being at home, doing stuff that makes me happy, often with the cats hanging around. But that just seems so mundane. Maybe a lion, because that's a cat, and it's in The Lion King, which is a movie that makes me very happy, and it can also represent Disney that way. But then again, everyone knows that Disney is represented by a mouse. But I also have a theory that patronuses can change with a person, so maybe mine would be a cat now, and something else later in life.

Athena says choosing a patronus is like choosing a name for yourself, and she'd have a really hard time doing either one, so for her, her way of finding out would be to just cast the spell and see what comes out of her wand. I like that method. But unfortunately, Athena says, it's not really available to us right now. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for cool-lookin' Sanzo figures, mint chip ice cream with dark chocolate syrup, it being the weekend, websites that really mean it when they say they've updated, and the ability to randomly burst into song (and they say people don't do that, but we do it all the time).
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