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We've decided that part of the reason domestic anime companies seem to be having so many problems lately (aside from people downloading fansubs and not buying DVDs) is poor marketing. We came to this conclusion last night when we were watching Princess Tutu and we got to disc 5. I'm no marketing expert, but I don't think any of the people I know who would like Princess Tutu are the type to buy something with that picture of Rue on it without already knowing that they liked Princess Tutu. Most of them just aren't into hookers, you see. And again, not a marketing expert, but I think somebody who wants to buy anime for the hookers would not really be interested in Princess Tutu. And yet that's the picture on the box set.

After we came to that conclusion, we put the Negima DVD we had Netflixed back in to watch the rest of it, and because FUNimation was being evil, we had to watch the Moon Phase preview again (nothing against Moon Phase of course (we were thiiiiiis close to translating the manga), just that they wouldn't let us skip the preview, skip to the menu, or even just fast forward through it!), and that seemed to be another poor marketing choice. Because first of all, now that I can't skip the preview (Athena says), I hate that series! But aside from that, from what we've seen of Moon Phase, and judging from the magazine the manga was originally published in, it is most definitely aimed at guys. So why, then, did they leave all the sexy women out of the preview? Especially when you consider that this is a Negima DVD. Negima! In which the opening sequence is pretty much just a montage of a bunch of girls in swimsuits.

PS: We don't really hate Moon Phase. It has Takahiro Sakurai in it♥ (As an onmyouji! How cool is that!?)

So maybe what the anime world needs is better marketers, with an understanding of the medium, and of marketing. And demographics. Oh, demographics...

What else was I going to talk about today? We had a good time talking with our Relief Society president after Princess Tutu. We talked about our ward and how so many people just wish they had more friends, but don't seem to wish it enough to actually try to make any. This is where we're absolutely terrible, because we came to the conclusion a while ago that, yeah, more friends would be nice, but we have too much fun doing stuff that nobody else likes to put forth the effort. When would we have time to go out with all the Neo Romance guys and watch "mainstream" movies that don't particularly interest us anyway? It's just not time-efficient. Not that we're anti-social or anything. Just that we have straaaaaange priorities.

I'm really not sure I'm going anywhere with that. Just talking (typing). We do enjoy visiting with people when we get the chance.

There was a meme we saw that we liked but I think I've rambled enough for now. Maybe we'll do it later or tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for getting to have fun watching Princess Tutu with RS Pres, DVD box sets with well-chosen pictures, having a nice relaxing Friday, volume 6 of I Hate You so far being quicker to translate that previous volumes, and opposition. I was sitting here trying to come up with things to be thankful for, and I realized that sometimes it's easier to come up with things to be thankful for when you're having a hard time, because of the contrast. In Neo Angelique, when you talk to one of the guys about what makes him happy, he says he can't think of anything, and he thinks about it and decides that he can't think of what makes him happy, because he's happy all the time--like how when you're full, food isn't as tasty as it is when you're hungry.
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