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Ooh, shiny!!

Our luggage came today! Woohoo!!! Now we can Pack! But our packing strategy, since we need new clothes anyway, is to buy the new clothes and just put them in the luggage when we get home from shopping, and then be all packed automatically, so I guess we can't pack just yet. We are, however, tempted to pack our AX costumes to see how many we can fit in the new luggage, but too lazy to actually attempt it. Besides, the luggage still smells like new luggage, and we don't want to get that all over the costumes.

So right now, the luggage is strewn all over the living room floor (there's only three pieces, but they feel strewn anyway) open so as to air out. I was hoping one of the cats would get in the luggage and get all comfy, but no luck yet. Mimsy did get inside one suitcase, but she didn't stay in it long. Maybe she doesn't like the new luggage smell, either. But it's very shiny and has the Mickey emblem and is all Disney without screaming out, "Hey I'm Disney!!!!" which is fine sometimes, but sometimes you want to be subtle.

And later our Relief Society president is coming over to watch Princess Tutu! She's done some traveling, so maybe she can give us packing tips. Can you tell I get obsessive? It's just that there are so many little compartments! What goes where!? I don't know!!!

I'm not panicking--just a little hyper. Though this does remind us, after all the working like mad and the getting sick and everything, that, hey, we're going to Japan! We should make sure we get everything ready!

On a sort of related note (in that this might be a good movie for Mom to watch right now to tell her not to freak out so much), we watched Finding Nemo last night. It still blows my mind that Nigel and Captain Barbossa are played by the same guy.

And we need to make sure to get all the clutter off the living room floor before our guest arrives. We got our two Asuka magazines from Akadot Retail on Monday, took them out of the box, pulled out the furoku (all very shiny; we should check out Momogumi+ Senki), said, "Oooh, shiny...," and proceeded to leave everything in a neat little stack on the floor. At least it was a neat little stack. I'm amazed nobody stepped on it or tripped over it at any point. But it's off the floor now! (We had a miniature cleaning frenzy after playing with the luggage, but the luggage itself is still there.)

And now I'm just rambling. Today I'm thankful for shiny new luggage, Finding Nemo, finishing another translation today, friendly reminders, and the opportunity to watch more Princess Tutu.
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