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Tamahome? Is that you?

We got a strange e-mail from CD Japan today, telling us that a certain CD single is now available for pre-order. The strange thing was that it was for the theme song to a game called Fushigi Yuugi: Suzaku Ibun, and it was our Mamoru Miyano♥ artist newsmail.

Apparently the same company that did the Host Club game and the Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden game is making a Suzaku game. We didn't read any of the stuff on the story, which is probably why we're still confused about the whole No Miaka thing. But what we were most anxious to figure out was why the heck Mamoru Miyano would be involved. We got to the web page and saw, as I suspected, that he sings the theme song, which doesn't necessarily mean he's in the cast, so they might have still gotten the same cast, especially since they got the same guys for Hikitsu and Tomite as from the now really old anime. But Miyano-kun doesn't seem like the type to sing and not be in the cast.

So we went to the character page. Oh, there's a blue kanji we don't recognize! Maybe that's him! Nope, it's Yui's replacement, and they didn't list a voice. But while we were there we figured we might as well check out the pages for each of the Seishi, and sure enough, Miyano-kun is the new Tamahome. I really don't know how I feel about that. It's like, "Wha...? Can they... do that?" That can't be allowed, can it? Changing the Fushigi Yuugi cast? I mean, would the fans let them get away with anyone but Hikaru Midorikawa as Tamahome? I guess they might for two reasons. One, Fushigi Yuugi's been around long enough that they can generate a completely new fan base--one that isn't already firmly attached to a specific cast. And two, Miyano-kun has replaced Midorikawa-san before--as Tamaki in Host Club. I'm beginning to sense a pattern...

So! for the curious who haven't already checked out the home page themselves, here's the rest of the new Suzaku cast!

Tamahome: Mamoru Miyano(♥)
Hotohori: Katsuyuki Konishi
Nuriko: Junko Minagawa (I was hoping they'd gotten a guy. Pout)
Tasuki: Kosuke Toriumi (Hayate from Pretear!)
Chichiri: Kouki Miyata (weird... and yet so fitting)
Mitsukake: Kenta Miyake
Chiriko: Akiko Kimura

They haven't announced the new Seiryuu cast, much to our impatience. Kenichi Suzumura's been playing an awful lot of twins lately (he's been both Hikaru and Kaoru! ...though come to think of it the only other official twin we can think of is Toki from Bus Gamer), so we're predicting (hoping?) he'll be Amiboshi, Suboshi, or both. That'd be weird if they actually get two different guys, but very very happy if they get Soichiro Hoshi for one of them. Athena says it would be really funny if they get Suzumura-san for Suboshi, because then he'll still be the one who gives Miyano-kun the most grief. Masaya Matsukaze (Kyouya) might make a good Nakago...

And that's it for our Fushigi Yuugi seiyuu ramblings, which are actually surprisingly brief. We may have to go have a marathon soon.

In other news, we both recently finished Host Club 11 and, man, we can't wait for 12 to come out. My goodness. We also finished Hoshi wa Utau 1 (the new thing by Natsuki Takaya), and I have some stuff to say about that, but I don't like having too many cuts per entry, so it will have to wait.

Today I'm thankful for interesting new Fushigi Yuugi developments, peanut butter filled chocolate penguins, new songs sung by Mamoru Miyano♥, Fushigi Yuugi DVDs, and Superkitties! Whoosh!
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