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There have been a couple of times in the past when we've had to work super super fast for TokyoPop and we had like one deadline a week. Both of those times, our boss (two different bosses, because the times were far apart) was like, "I'm so sorry! I promise I'm not trying to kill you!" And we were like, "Bring it on! We can do two a week!!" So normally I would say I don't know why suddenly having approximately a deadline a week (or enough deadlines that we need to work at that pace) is so scary, but I know exactly why: Hana to Yume. More specifically, I Hate You More Than Anyone and Gakuen Alice. (By the way, we get to translate Gakuen Alice now! We started with volume 5!)

We love both of those titles very very much, but they both have a loooooot of text and are very time-consuming. I think it would be possible to get a volume of Gakuen Alice and a volume of I Hate You done in the same week, but maybe not without liquefying our brains. At any rate, I Hate You volume 6 is included in our list of Deadlines to Meet Before Going to Japan, and I think that's a big part of why I was freaking out last week. The other part would be all the sickness. It really needs to stop. (Actually, it seems to be just about done, but I wanted to say "It really needs to stop," because it sounds so dramatic. So hopefully the sickness won't get mad that I said that and come back with a vengeance.)

But fortunately! work has been going very quickly, and even though our next project (after the one we started today) is I Hate You More Than Anyone, there's a strong sense of, "We can do this!" Tadah! And so there's less freaking out, but still a little freaking out because we still need to e-mail Dad's cousin again. But that's more about social anxiety than fear of the unknown travel experience.

Today I'm thankful for being able to pet Mimsy, being able to use the keyboard now that Mimsy is in my lap, having plenty of time for Neo Angelique even with our busy translation schedule, getting to translate Gakuen Alice, and happy CDs to listen to when we need them.
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