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Happy Easter!!!!

This has certainly been a very interesting Easter. But it's also been very long, so for now, a quick summary. Athena doesn't have strep throat, but she stayed home from church anyway, my visiting teacher was kind enough to take me home after church to pick up The Lion King to watch at Mom's place after dinner, we played Mario Party, had dinner, watched a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong movie about Esther from the Bible (it was two hours but felt so much longer), recovered with dessert, and finally watched The Lion King which continues to be a fantastic fantastic movie.

Also, since it's Easter, Athena says we should post a link to the new LDS website about our beliefs in Jesus Christ. We haven't looked around it much ourselves, but it looks like it has a ton of information, so for anyone who's interested in what we believe in, please check it out!

Today I'm thankful for everything we celebrate at Easter, the Lion King and its fantasticness, not having to always watch boring grown-up movies, leftover Christmas candy, and new Easter candy.
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