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We did it!

We haven't done any work today! Tadah! Okay, so technically, we did some cleaning, but that's not for our job job (since keeping one's home clean is technically one's own job), so it doesn't count. So not only have we not done our job job today, but our apartment is a little bit cleaner! For some reason since we got the new furniture, mail seems to be building up in a more disorderly fashion. I'm not entirely sure why that is.

We also! made cookies! And they are Gigantic! Okay, so they're just pretty big, but since they're sugar cookies, we're not used to them being that big, so I call them Gigantic. Oreo and Mimsy seem to like them a lot.

I feel like I had something else to talk about today but we were just reading manga so I can't remember what it was.

Anyway, we were talking to a friend earlier, and she had been dealing with people mocking her for her beliefs and high standards, and we've been thinking about it and there's some stuff I wish we'd thought to say but didn't, so I thought I'd talk about it here a little. We've been labeled as goodie-two-shoes several times throughout our lifetime as well, and when it gets out of hand I think there's one main reason for it, but I'll never get confirmation on this because the people who are like that probably wouldn't want to admit it. I think that the reason people tend to be disrespectful of others' beliefs and values, or anything for that matter, is that they're really insecure themselves, so they feel like they have to take people down with them, so they don't feel guilty. (Although this theory is a little dangerous for us, because then any time we get any criticism, our first reaction is to say, "Oh, they just feel threatened by our awesomeness," which is not a good way to be if you want to improve yourself, and is also horribly horribly arrogant.)

Come to think of it, I guess they say that stuff on TV a lot, so we must not have come up with it ourselves, but based on the dealings we've had with those people, it seems to be true. It's so ridiculous, too, because it's so much easier to live up to high standards than it is to try to justify not doing so while constantly living with a sense of guilt. Just stop doing whatever it is you feel guilty about doing, right? I guess that can be easier said than done. Old habits and all that.

Today I'm thankful for Gigantic sugar cookies, having time to read shiny manga, also having time to play Neo Angelique, a guy character in a Japanese game that understands the importance of dessert, and the Puzzle Place. Man I miss that show.
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