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No rest for the weary

Aww, who am I kidding? We have plenty of rest coming up. We just had a deadline yesterday, is all. It was kind of bad because we hadn't worked on the translation at all before AX. Fortunately, it was a book we'd already translated, so we just needed to reformat and fix some things up. And I would totally be plugging this series right now, except we're not entirely sure they've announced it. So as soon as we see the page at the TokyoPop site, there will be a plug.

Now we're trying to catch up on all the anime we missed because of costumes and conventions. There's no end to it! Aaaaahhh!!!

It's only especially hard because all the new serieseseses for July started while we were at the convention. Gah, and we still need to clean up our big costuming mess. But then we get to start work on a new series, which looks really fun. We're pretty excited about it. But for some reason I'm feeling sleepy right now, so I can't bring myself to use exclamation points.
Tags: anime expo, cosplay, translating

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