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And the nerves are back.

We really should learn not to talk about Japan in front of Mom, because she gets all quiet and it makes us nervous. That's exactly what happened when we were telling Celeste and Sarah that we finally bought tickets last night. They both thought it was really awesome, fortunately. But then Celeste mentioned it to Mom. She's like, "Did you hear what the Twins are doing for their birthday?" And Mom's like, "...Yes, I've heard." "It's crazy!" "I agree." "In a good way!" "..."


But then we watched Meet the Robinsons, and that reminded us that part of the reason we've gotten more serious about going to Japan is that when we last saw Meet the Robinsons, and it kept saying "Keep moving forward!" we realized that we needed to do that, and going to Japan is one of the best ways for us to do that. Unfortunately, that doesn't make it less nerve-wracking. Why do Mom-nerves have to be so contagious?

Speaking of Meet the Robinsons, when we turned on the movie last night, we were going through the previews, and it was talking about Ratatouille, and we're like, "We have that too! But I think I like this one better." And Sarah's boyfriend was like, "Really!?" So I've been thinking about it. Of course one of the main reasons Meet the Robinsons is our favorite is that all the humor in it is exactly our kind of humor. But it's true that Ratatouille probably has superior storytelling (and definitely better acting). And yet we like Meet the Robinsons much better.

I decided that what it is is the love that the people making it put into the story. I know it sounds super cheesy to the max, but when we watched the Meet the Robinsons making-of featurette, the director talked about how this was a story that he really wanted to tell, how it was his story, and all that stuff. He was really close to it, and put a lot into it, and that really comes through. In my personal opinion, that makes a far better story than something written "to be a cool story." Or something written like... one time Dad and Aurora were discussing modern composers and talking about how they wrote music to impress other composers, and other composers and musicians would listen to it and go, "Wow! That's really complex and intricate!" and normal people like us would listen to it and be like, "What is up with this 'music'?" I think sometimes writers (I have a few shows in mind but I don't want to name them) write something to be cool or to shock the audience or something, and that tends to just annoy us.

Of course, Ratatouille is a very good movie, and I don't feel the way I described about that movie--just that Meet the Robinsons has more of that love in it, I think. Or something.

Anyway, after the movie, we asked Mom how she liked it, and she was like, "It was cute. Predictable..." Sigh, that's what everybody says. Everybody has to point out that it was predictable so their "cool friends" won't think they're dumb. Duh it's predictable, even Bowler Hat Guy was surprised Lewis hadn't figured it out. But! we saw her when they quoted Walt Disney at the end and how she was smiling. She liked it. She even corrected me when I was quoting Wilbur. Bwahahaha.

When we got home we decided to watch Darby O'Gill and the Little People, even though we were still in Meet the Robinson's mode. We were pleased to discover that it's still an enjoyable movie (and wow young Sean Connery--singing!), but the banshee was still way scary. It's not even that great an effect by today's standards, but man. I think we just have a special fear for that kind of thing. It's why we're still afraid of the Haunted Mansion. And we had a highly amusing conversation about it last night that I was like, "That'll make for some good LJ material," but I can't remember any of it now. Sad.

At any rate, we were a little afraid to go to bed last night, so we ended up talking. And then we spent St. Patrick's Day translating manga about ninja! And now we're listening to the Romeo x Juliet soundtrack that came in the mail today, and it's very very shiny. Very shiny. This Hitoshi Sakimoto guy is a musical genius. Or at least, he writes really pretty music.

Oh right! RightStuf is having a sale on all graphic novels from Yen Press! Just in time for people to pre-order Kieli, our first Yen Press series! It comes out in two weeks, and it's only two volumes long, so it won't be too much of a strain on finances. We liked this series a lot. It's weird how we're fine with ghosts and stuff, but banshees are apparently out of the question. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for shiny Romeo x Juliet soundtracks, getting to watch Meet the Robinsons with people, getting to have brownies last night, not having had to play cards, and getting to watch Darby O'Gill and the Little People.
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