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There's been a change in plans

So apparently Mom's strategy for inviting us over now is to have someone (sometimes her, sometimes not) come into the library and say, "Are you coming tonight?" And we're always like, "We didn't know there was anything to be coming to." Tonight they're having jambalaya, which will now forever remind me of Scrubs. Good times. And so I don't know when we'll be whisked away this afternoon. We just hope there's dessert, because we've been meaning to bake these brownies for a week now, but we just keep slacking off because "we're tired from work" or some other lame excuse, and today was the day we'd be out of excuses. Unless we were being lazy again and wanted to say, "Well, it's Sunday." But that's not an excuse so much as a reason. Plus, Athena points out, if we don't want the brownies enough to bake them, obviously it's not that big a deal not to.

But anyway, we were planning to watch Darby O'Gill and the Little People tonight, since tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day and we don't know whether or not we'll go to Family Home Evening. Every year I realize that the only green clothes I have are costumes, and one is made out of silk, so I don't really want to wear it around. But Eisen's pants are fun and poofy. Hmmm... I don't know if we'll get the chance to watch the movie tonight, though. I do hope we get to read manga, because I've been looking forward to that for ever. That's another thing we've been meaning to do all week and not getting to.

While we're getting more excited about going to Japan, I'm starting to wonder if we were a little to quick to buy our tickets. But the deal ended on Friday, and it was for the time around our birthday, so I should stop being so paranoid. I always keep thinking that the timing needs to be perfect--like in I Am America (And So Can You!) in the part where the soul mate is talking, and she's like, "Are you reading this book in a bookstore? Turn around! I'm right behind you!" Like if the guy reading doesn't turn around he'll miss her forever. And the part about why did he go to the museum on that day, she was going to be there the other day? Only I'm like that with everything, since I'm not really looking for a soul mate.

But what brings this on all of a sudden? This morning, we read in Kazuya Minekura's blog that there's going to be a new Saiyuki stage production, and this time, it's a musical. And it begins its run in September. Dang it. But Athena points out that it would be much much worse if it started on like May 9 or something, so, like always, I need to calm down. I actually am pretty calm about it, more like, "Aw, man!" than anything. And besides, if we're feeling really adventurous and full of free time, we'll probably have enough money to go to Japan again. We'll just have to see. Either way, we can probably get this one on DVD.

Today I'm thankful for getting little candy bars in Relief Society, the awesome talks and lesson we got to listen to, people who like to sing songs not too slow, having someone to talk to while we waited for our ride home from church, and being inside and not out in the cold-looking wind.
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