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We only just finished working. And it's Saturday! Going through and tweaking things and writing notes has now officially taken as long as (if not longer than) doing the initial translation. Something seems very wrong about that.

On the bright side, we learned a bunch of interesting stuff. Like how there's this place that makes all kinds of desserts with green tea, and they're all SUPER GREEN!!!!! Green chocolate, and green cheesecake, and green... everything!!!! See for yourself!!! It's CRAZY!!!!!!

And obviously working for so long has gotten us a little crazy. Eheh.

I also learned something else that's really neat that I wanted to write about, but I think I want to look up a few things before I do that, and we are so done with that for today. So maybe another time. Perhaps tomorrow.

In other news, we watched that new show by the creator of Gilmore Girls last night. Not surprisingly, the writing was very good, but, a little surprisingly, the acting (and maybe directing?) could use a little work. The main character is like Lorelai spliced with Emily and that seems so wrong on the one hand, but on the other hand makes all kinds of sense. I guess you could say it's like if Emily tried to be more like Lorelai. It was just the first two episodes; we'll see if it picks up or if we decide we just hate watching TV all the time and decide to spend our Friday nights doing something else.

We're on a Brain Age hiatus. We both filled up our files, and we don't want to delete them. Now we realize why they released a Brain Age 2 about a year after Brain Age not 2. So either we'll get Brain Age 2 or we'll delete Celeste's file and start all over (there are four files total per DS card), but for now, we could use the extra time in the day.

Today I'm thankful for tomorrow being the day of rest, learning fun and exciting new things, being done working for today, things that are easy to look up, and springy tape measures.
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