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So, since we had a ton of time on Saturday when we weren't tutoring, we went ahead and made the icon Athena came up with a loooooong time ago that we never got around to making (mostly because we're lazy slackers). The program we used doesn't like too many colors in its gifs, so it's all grainy, but that shouldn't detract from the humor, should it? At any rate, if it bugs anybody enough to want to redo it in a less grainy format, we have all the original pictures as jpegs, but we wanted to show it off as our own first.

The problem I'm noticing, though, is that we didn't realize the program had this problem, and we didn't want to deal with jpeg distortiony type things, so now all our shiny Host Club icons (all saved as gifs) are also grainy, alas. We'll deal with it for now, but maybe we'll redo them in the not-too-distant future if it starts to bug us. But anyway! We now have a paid account, so we have more icons! This is very shiny. At some point we may play with the layout, but maybe not. And later we'll definitely have to get all the icons people were kind enough to make for us and upload those.

So I called Mom this morning to find out what the deal was with the whole tutoring gig, and apparently Scott just decided he didn't want any tutors. Oh well, more time for us to play HaruToki. Still, it would have been nice if they'd called, especially because we were going to swing by the grocery store to pick some stuff up, and had to go without the entire weekend. But things all worked out, because we got to go to the store today. On the way there, we asked Mom how much we owed in taxes. See, we heard back from Dad's cousin yesterday, and he seems more than happy to help us out, but told us first we need to figure out what all exactly we want to see (darn it!) and how much money we're willing to spend. So we need to figure out how much money we're going to have.

I wasn't sure if we should tell Mom about our plans, since she's the main (and possibly only) supporter of the "let Steve take you" idea, but it's just so exciting I couldn't not tell her. But when I did, she got very quiet. She's a very neurotic person (she's a mom; it's understandable), but that only makes things more scary. Oh well, we'll get over it. Actually, we're feeling a lot better because, even though Dad's cousin might actually be in Utah around the time we want to go (irony of ironies), he said they can work something out with getting us a ride from the airport, and that by itself is a huge relief.

We finally got to listen to our Hiyokoya Shouten (aka Pick of the Litter, in stores now!) drama CD yesterday. I was kind of distracted the whole time, because, for lack of anything else to look at, I stared at the track list, and right there on the bottom was "cast theme talk," and, as you all know, we're suckers for behind the scenes stuff, especially when it involves voice actors and even more especially when one of those voice actors is Akira Ishida♥.

The theme of the "theme talk," since Hiyokoya is about a family that runs a store, was what kind of store each of the cast members would want to run. Akira Ishida said if he was to run a store, he'd want it to be one of those gloomy little stores you always pass by but there's never any customers and everyone wonders how on earth that store is still in business, and yet it's there for years and years.

I think Hikaru Midorikawa said he wants to sell Hello Kitty merchandise in Tokyo Tower, but I missed a lot of what he said because Masakazu Morita and one other guy in the cast I couldn't identify kept reacting to everything he said in unison. Unison!

And in other happy fangirl news, we just ordered volume one of Bus Gamer today♥

Today I'm thankful for having new icons♥, friendly relatives who will help us with our Japan trip, seiyuu bonus tracks, Kinokuniya getting Bus Gamer really fast (I was sure we'd have to wait until Thursday at the soonest!), and once again having Kraft singles.
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