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So remember how we were supposed to go help Steve's kid Scott with his homework yesterday? It never happened. We knew that Steve and Scott were supposed to be at some motivational seminar until three, and that Mom had said we'd be going over there Saturday night, so when it got to be seven o'clock and we hadn't heard from them yet, I called to find out what was going on. No answer. I tried Mom's cell in case they were out. Still no answer. So we had dinner, and about an hour later I tried again. This time I called the home phone and the cell phone three times each (Mom doesn't always pick up right away), and still no answer.

So the obvious conclusion to jump to is that the motivational seminar was run by a cult that brainwashed Steve and Scott into bringing Mom, Kimee, and maybe Sarah with them to go live in a commune or something. Fortunately, that theory was disproven by Kimee's appearance in the library this afternoon (she had come to get chalk). We asked her what happened last night, and she said she hadn't heard anything about us going over there, but they did all go to see 10,000BC. Poor kid, she never seems to get to see anything she would like.

But anyway, now we don't know if Mom's going to want us to go over tonight (we could call, but they'll be in church for another fifteen minutes). We told Mom that we weren't going to be doing any homework on Sunday, so if this ever happens again, she's not getting our help. Of course, she might not want our help anyway. Maybe that seminar was super effective and Scott wants to do his homework without any help. That would be kind of neat.

In other news, the publishing company that's been sending us the "Wildlife Explorer" cards has started a new line of... whatever they're called--cards, I guess--and it's all about natural remedies and stuff. The free sample comes with a sample of green tea that I think we probably won't use. Not sure what to do about that. But anyway, it's kind of neat, but also makes us kind of wary. Dad got into all the herbal stuff before all the Issues happened, so it's kind of hard not to look at it as a kind of gateway... something, even though we know that had nothing to do with what happened. Well, not much anyway.

But anyway, just because Dad's wrong about some things doesn't mean he's wrong about everything. Growing up, whenever we went to Dad complaining of something hurting, he'd say, "Well tell it to stop." We just laughed at him, but now we realize that it actually works sometimes. Like when Athena had a really bad sore throat a few years ago. It didn't go away, so finally she went to the doctor, who told her it was allergies, gave her a prescription, and told her to stay away from the cats. Athena was like, "That's dumb," and just got over it.

Today I'm thankful for refreshments in Relief Society, having lots of time to play HaruToki2 yesterday while we waited to hear from Mom, chairs, extra daylight, and the losing an hour of sleep thing being out of the way (though I do think I liked it better when we only had six months of DST).
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