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So on Tuesday we all went to Disneyland. Or, mostly all, anyway. We mostly all wore costumes, because, dang it, the convention's not over until we say it is! I was a little worried that my cape wouldn't make it through the gates, but I couldn't think of a Disney character that looks like Goku, so we tried it anyway and it was all good.

The park was pretty uncrowded, so we managed to get a lot of rides in. We even went on Indiana Jones twice! And! And! We went on Space Mountain! Oh, Space Mountain, how I have missed thee. It's back after more than two years, and it's awesome. There's debate as to whether the new music is better or the old, but we just liked it all, so it's happy. And I think it's neat that they have the countdown instead of just the "prepare for takeoff" or whatever they used to say.

At some point while we were in TomorrowLand, we ran into the photographers from, who were amazed to see people still in costume, so they got our picture. It was neat.

During the parade, Athena blew a kiss to Peter Pan, who caught it and immediately turned around. Her first reaction was, "That punk!" and her second was, "Yup. That's Peter Pan." I'm constantly amazed at how well they manage to cast some of these characters.

Sanzo got a headache midway through the day, so she, Duo, and Kabochan left early. This was a cause for much sorrow, because they didn't get to see the coolest fireworks show ever. I can totally understand not wanting to have a headache at Disneyland; it's happened to me many times before, and I know it's not fun. But Athena and I had been looking forward to showing it to people all day. Of course, we were looking forward to seeing it ourselves too, but it's so rare that we get to share something we love with our friends. We had hoped they would come back in time, but alas it was not to be. If only they hadn't gotten ice cream, maybe they would have tried harder.

Anyway, we got to see the fireworks, which are the coolest fireworks ever. And we saw Fantasmic!, which almost always makes me happy. Two weeks ago, for some reason it didn't, but this time it did, so it's all good. One thing I noticed was that when I start cheering because something I think is really cool is going on, like they start the Indiana Jones music, or Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey shows up, the women in front of me turn around to stare at me. I'm not exactly sure why this is, because if I'm cheering, it's obviously because something cool is happening, so they should be looking at that instead. They probably think it will get me to stop. Sad, deluded people.

After Fantasmic!, we went to see if the Peter Pan ride had recovered from the fireworks show. Apparently it hadn't, and what the cast members told us is that Tinkerbell never came back after the show. Poor Tink. I hope she isn't scarred too badly.

All in all, it was a good day. And a good con. I hope next year is at least as good as this year.

The next day, we had to call Aaron earlier than planned, because everyone was wanting to leave ASAP. Fortunately, he had already arrived in Anaheim, because, he told us, he had a feeling he should get there early, so he woke up at four. We have one of the best home teachers ever.
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