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How we met Phoenix Wright

While the universe continues to bombard us with not-so-subtle hints that now may be the right time to start planning a trip to Japan, it's also hitting us with so much awesomeness that we almost can't take it all. I want to just go hide in the spare bedroom playing Apollo Justice until we calm down, but then we wouldn't get anything done, and we need to make sure we're plenty ahead of schedule if we want to take time out for a Japan trip. But we checked out the Tokyo Disneyland website last night, and there was a picture of the Jungle Cruise, and we're like, "Dude, we so have to go on Japanese Jungle Cruise." How awesome would that be?

Sadly, I can't talk about most of the awesomeness, what with some of it still being confidential and others of it being a little too personal and various things like that. That's making it a little harder to handle, actually, but! one thing I can talk about is the story of how we came to be Ace Attorney fans.

It happened about last July-ish? We got an e-mail from our boss at Del Rey saying something like, "Are you guys into the Phoenix Wright series? We just got the rights to the manga, and since you're so good with comedy, I'd like you to translate it for us." And we were like, "We're good with comedy? Really? Cool! We've heard good things about the games--we'd love to do it!"

So we figured if we were going to translate Phoenix Wright manga, we'd better be familiar with the games, and the rest is history. Tadah!

It was kind of intimidating doing the manga, because we knew that there are fans out there, and we wanted to translate the manga in a way that wouldn't disappoint them. Also, because it was based on a game that's been localized, we couldn't always do what we normally do when we come across something unique to Japanese culture or a pun or anything like that (add a translation note), so it was our first time coming up with American equivalents of stuff. We also had to work around Maya's Japanese love of miso ramen, which was localized to a love of burgers. But we did our best! We're very pleased with how our translation turned out, and we hope the Phoenix Wright fans of America are, too.

I also want to mention that this is the second reason we call Alexander O. Smith (who translates a ton of stuff for Square-Enix) our sempai (the first being Shaolin Sisters). While he does a lot of stuff for Square-Enix, he also worked on localization for at least the first and third Ace Attorney games, which, in our opinions, have the best translations of the lot.

Anyway, I'd been wanting to talk about that forever, because we were so pleased with it, and we got good feedback from our boss at Del Rey, so we want everybody to read it, especially the Ace Attorney fans--and we know a few people on our friends list are just that. But it doesn't come out until September! Noooooo! Actually it was announced a long long time ago, but since there were some issues with it, I wasn't sure if we could talk about it (and I didn't want to jinx it), but! our boss at Del Rey linked to it on the Del Rey blog today, so I figured it was okay. (You can check it out here!)

Actually, the reason she linked to it was that she was listing the titles that we translate for them, because she was linking to our column at Manga Life. And she said we're two of their favorite translators! My reaction to that is in words is, "Awwwwwwwwww, shucks!" but I believe our feelings are actually more accurately represented by this: /////////////////// (<--blush marks)

And now we're finally done with working and stuff for the day, so I think we will go hide in the spare bedroom and play Apollo Justice.

Today I'm thankful for knowing the html code for linking things, the honor of being allowed to translate Phoenix Wright manga, the idea of going on Japanese Jungle Cruise, getting to order pizza today, and being able to go hide now.
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